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Product Release: New DoubleClick Integration

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Product Release: New DoubleClick Integration

NinjaCat’s DoubleClick integration allows you to report on your DoubleClick display ads and other DSP information via beautiful tables and graphs.

Using NinjaCat, you can bring in key dimensions from DoubleClick such as:

AdsPlacementsSitesCreativesPlatform Types

You can set up DoubleClick in your NinjaCat account with just a few easy steps. To connect your DoubleClick account, first for to the Networks tab of your NinjaCat account and click on Add Network


Then select DoubleClick from the dropdown menu of our integrated networks.


After clicking Add Network Account, Google will ask you if you want to grant NinjaCat permission to your DoubleClick data.

Once you agree, your DoubleClick data will be brought into your NinjaCat account.

It is important to note that you must also connect DoubleClick to any of your clients in the Clients tab that have DoubleClick data. You can connect your clients by going to the Clients tab of your NinjaCat account and clicking Action - Client Settings next to your chosen client.


From there you’ll see the DoubleClick Settings tab where you can choose the DoubleClick account associated with your client.


When you are all set here just click Update Client at the bottom and then you’ll be ready to report on DoubleClick in your NinjaCat reports.

Some of our default reporting templates such as the Kitchen Sink will offer preset DoubleClick graphs and tables, or you can easily add the DoubleClick widget to one of your own new or existing templates.

You can find the DoubleClick widget under DoubleClick in the Reporting Widgets library of the Template Builder.


You’ll notice you have options to show your DoubleClick Data in a graph, a table, or both.

DoubleClick Graphs in NinjaCat offer the following metrics:


DoubleClick Tables allow you to report on different dimensions within DoubleClick as listed earlier. Simply select the dimension you wish to report on, then check off the metrics you wish to show in your report.


You can sort your table by any of the metrics available via the up or down arrows next to each metric.

Need to report on multiple dimensions? For example, if you would like 1 table in your report to show Ads and a second table to show Placements, you can simply drag in a second DoubleClick widget or click the Copy button in your existing widget to generate a copy for quick and easy graph and table building.


NinjaCat also offers advanced filtering capabilities for your DoubleClick reporting. In the Filters tab of the DoubleClick widget, you can focus in on specific Ads, Campaigns, Placements, Creatives or Sites that you monitor in DoubleClick.


If you have any questions or need any assistance reporting on your DoubleClick data within NinjaCat, feel free to ask us any time at [email protected]


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