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Google Sheets Integration

How to bring Data in from Google Sheets

Ninjacat has a very strong integration with google sheets.  Data that you can get into a Google Sheet you can import as a table.

To get started, First we need to attach a google sheets account in the networks tab

Connecting Google Sheets Network

Once you have clicked on the Add Network button in your Networks tab and selected Google Sheets.Type a unique description to name this sheets connection

3.  Open another tab in the same browser and log in to the Google Drive/Sheets account you wish to connect.  

4.  Go back to the NinjaCat browser tab and Click on the Add Network Account button

5.  Clicking the add Networks button will automatically direct you to a Google Permissions Page to authorize Ninjacat and allow access

6.  Select Allow.

7.  You will then be directed back to the Networks Tab with your list of connected networks where the google sheets account you just linked will be displayed with the Description/Name you gave it

Now that we have your Google Sheets account connected we can start bringing in data.

There are many different ways of getting data into Google Sheets, in this example "Pinterest Pins by User Data" was brought in using a google sheet add-on called SuperMetrics.  Data can also be imported to sheets by 100's of Zapier Zaps.

Once you have your data in sheets it will look something like this example below.  

Google Sheet with Pinterest Data: Figure 1

Let's add the google sheets widget to the report:

From the Templates tab the google sheets widget can be found under Miscellaneous WidgetsUnder the Table section of the widget we'll select the Network, the google Sheet, and specify the worksheet tab.

Google Sheet Report Template: Figure 2


Once we save the template and run the report the sheets data from figure 1, will look like this in figure 3.  

Report Table Containing Pinterest Data from Sheets Integration: Figure 3

Every Time the sheet is updated and the report is re-run the sheets data will update in the report.  


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