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Reporting on Multiple Analytics Profiles in One PDF

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Reporting on Multiple Analytics Profiles in One PDF

Google Analytics must already be setup in the networks tab in order to report on multiple Analytics Profiles.  See settings up Networks including Google analytics here: Using the Analytics Executive Summary Widget it is possible to report on multiple Analytics Accounts in one PDF report.  This can be helpful when reporting for a client who owns multiple franchises but you advertise for them under different Analytics accounts. You can supply a performance summary of all franchises in one report. How to assign multiple Analytics accounts in one report:

1 - Start by adding the "Analytics Executive Summary" widget to the template.

2 - Then select the "Filters" menu in the Analytics widget

3 - Assign a Specific Analytics Network

4 - Choose the Analytics Account

5 - Select the Analytics Property

6 - Then select the Analytics Profile

7 - Drag as many "Analytics Executive Summary" widgets into the report as you need for as many different accounts you wish to report on and repeat these steps for different accounts.   

Filters menu under the Analytics Executive Summary Widget:


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