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Margins Now Available in NinjaCat Shinobi

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Margins Now Available in NinjaCat Shinobi

One of our recent updates to the Shinobi platform has been margins.  Margins can now be set at 3 different levels in NinjaCat.  You can also override margins by moving to the account level or data source level  Today we are going to discuss how to set up margins at the Agency level, Account Level and Data source.  This is a great tool for digital agencies who want to show the cost plus the markup as the final client facing number.

Agency Level:

At the Agency level navigate to Setup > Agency Settings > Margins.  From here you can select your data source.  Setting a margin here will set the values for any accounts you have under your agency.  It will ask you to fill in some basic information.  When do you want the margin to take effect, and what percentage to apply.  You may enter a value between 0 to 1.  Once you are done, save and your margin setting is applied down all your accounts at the agency level.  Now let's do that same thing but at the Account level.

Account Level:

Select an account you want to add a margin too.  Next navigate to Settings > Margins and again select your data source.  Fill in the values and save.  Simple.  Now you have overridden the value set at the Agency level and specific to this account for the data source you selected, the values at the account level will be applied.

Data Source:

To add margins at the specific data source, navigate to Accounts > Click on desired account from list > Click on the connected data source > Margins. Once you select the data source it will take you into the connections settings for that data source.  Select margins and fill out the required values.  Just like at the account level, your new values here will override the values set at the account level and agency level.  If you have values set at either level, you see them here.

For more information on margins and a video walk-through please check out “New Margins Explained” or read about our Margins update on our support portal.  For more information on changes to the NinjaCat platform make sure you check out our Support Portal.

Scott Guttenberger is the Director of Marketing for NinjaCat. He regularly writes on topics concerning paid search, paid social, display and retargeting. With more than 10 years of marketing experience, Scott has held both in-house and agency positions. He provides search marketing and demand generation advice for companies and can be found on Twitter as @SkotTheMarketer.

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