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New Template Builder

If you're a template builder - you're going to want to read this because template building just got a WHOLE LOT EASIER and FASTER! Introducing (drum roll please):

- Widget Icons and labels

- Widget copy

- Customization of executive summary colors

Widget Icons and Labels

Widget icons make it snap to discern widget types (e.g. Aggregate, AdWords, BingAds, Facebook, Analytics). Widget labels make it lightyears faster to locate that darn widget you need to update. No more, " it the 4th or 5th widget I need to tweak?" Each report widget contains a "Properties" section. The title entered in that section is incorporated into the widget label, along with the selected range.

Widget Copy

If you're a ninja-nerd like us - this is a dream come true. Copy a widget as depicted by the gif below. Let's say you have an account performance widget created with all the table metrics you need in the perfect order, pulling in data on a daily basis for the last month. In addition to that, you want to see how account performance is trending for the past 6 months. You could simply copy the first widget, change the range and consolidation options (to 'last 6 months' and 'by month' respectively)and voila - avoid the tedious task of having to enable and order all the table metrics!

Customization of Executive Summary Colors

Not a fan of the black background on the executive summaries? Now you can customize those colors in the 'Theme' section of 'Template Properties,' and make your executive summaries look like this for example:

Let us know if you have any questions and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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