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New Template Customization Features

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New Template Customization Features

‍We are excited to announce, new template customization features in your NinjaCat account!

Graph Color Customization

Now you can match the color theme of your graphs with the rest of your template theme with ease!

In the Template Properties section of your template under "Theme" you will find a Graph section that lets you choose the colors of your template's graphs.

The colors go in priority from left to right so any graph with one metric will only use the first color on the left. Graphs with multiple metrics like pie charts or comparison graphs will use the remaining colors from left to right.

Font Size Customization

Think the font size of your table and graph data is too small? Now you can choose from 4 different font size options for your template's text.

Please note, if you are using the largest font size, you may want to limit the number of columns you have in your tables to avoid your text bunching up.

Widget Shape Customization

We have received several requests for square widgets as opposed to widgets with rounded corners. Your wish is our command!

Now you can choose to turn the rounded corner look of your widgets ON or OFF to give your reports a different look.

Rounded Section Corners ON

Rounded Section Corners OFF

Please note, after making any changes to your template, you will need to rerun your report in the Reports tab in order to see your changes reflected in the report.

If you have any questions about these new features or need any help setting up your custom templates just let us know and we would be more than happy to assist you.


Team NinjaCat


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