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Reporting on SEO? You will want to hear this!


Reporting on SEO? You will want to hear this!

We are excited to announce the Executive Summary widget format you all have come to know and love now has the capability to report on Google Analytics metrics!

You can find the new Analytics Executive Summary widget under the Executive Summary Widgets section of the Report Widgets area in your template builder.

The new Analytics Executive Summary widget offers the same easy comparison capabilities as the PPC Executive Summary widget where you can select any of our available date ranges and then select a comparison date range or no comparison at all. You can also select to show data for all channel groupings or specific SEO channels.

We've included all our available Analytics metrics as optional metrics you can add to your Analytics Executive Summary. Please note you can only include up to 10 metrics in the widget so if you need to report on more than 10 metrics, you can use multiple Analytics Executive Summary widgets to report on all the metrics you wish to show.

Not all metrics can be combined with one another. You may need to consult your Google Analytics account for combination limitations.

NinjaCat Reporting Tip: If you plan on reporting on more than 10 metrics in your executive summary, try segmenting your metrics by Analytics category. For example, place all your goal metrics in their own Analytics Executive Summary widget and ECommerce metrics in a second Analytics Executive Summary widget.

Be sure to clearly label your summary widgets using the Title section of the Table.

If you have any questions or need any assistance utilizing this widget or any widgets please let us know.

Thanks and happy automated reporting!

Team NinjaCat


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