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Upcoming NinjaCat UI Changes

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Upcoming NinjaCat UI Changes


We are planning to roll out our new platform in three phases.  Here are the details about each of these releases:

Phase 1: New User Interface

-Here are the changes we plan to roll out in April:

-Modernized User Interface:

-Top navigation bar instead of left navigation

-More intuitive way to interact with the platform

-Responsive design for improved user experience on mobile / tablets

-New Command Center for working within a single account

-User Profile Management

-Customizable groups for user roles and permissions

-Beta testing of new template builder begins (contact [email protected] to apply).  Supported integrations will be:


-Bing Ads

-Google Analytics

-Google Search Console

-Facebook Ads

Phase 2: New Template Builder

-In May, we plan to add the following features:

-Global release of our new template builder, including:

-Aggregation and data mixing across all channels

-Customizable calculated fields for reporting templates

-Pre-made widgets and starter templates

-Scorecard widgets

-Additional integrations for:

-Call TrackingFacebook InsightsGoogle SheetsTradeDeskTwitter AdsTwitter Organic

-Account-specific customizable client-facing dashboards

Phase 3: Final Release

Features that we are planning for our third release include:

-Cross account aggregation

-Full Screen Presentation Mode for reports

-Additional integrations for template builder (TBA)

-Template builder for HTML email reports (Stretch)


New in this release is a new mode for working within a particular account.  The account command center allows you to connect your data sources, add your call tracking numbers, connect your reports and monitor your account budgets all within the same window:

NinjaCat Account Command Center
NinjaCat-Account Command Center


Currently, users navigate the system using primarily a left sidebar menu structure. With the release of our new user interface, the navigation will be changing to a top menu.

NinjaCat Navigation Panel
NinjaCat Navigation Panel

User Profiles

With this new release we have added a new profile editor available from the top right-hand corner for all users:

NinjaCat User Panel
NinjaCat User Panel

Under the Profile menu, users can do tasks like update their profile photo, change their username, email address and password.


Agency settings:

Under the “Setup” menu from the top-right corner, agency administrators can find all of their agency settings under this new menu structure:


New name for “Networks”

In our current system, integrations with advertising channels such as Adwords, Bing, Facebook Ads, are labeled “Networks”. In our new platform these are now called data sources, which can be seen from the Agency setup tab.  

NinjaCat Data Networks
NinjaCat Data Networks


Under the new Data Sources section, we’ve also added a feature that will show status updates or warnings if a password or token has expired and needs to be re-created:

NinjaCat Data Sources
‍NinjaCat Data Sources

We have also made adding your data sources more visual to make adding additional networks a more user-friendly experience:

NinjaCat Data Sources
NinjaCat Data Sources


We want to be sure you're comfortable and can find your way around, so we made our latest webinar available on demand to help you get acclimated to the new environment:

-Wednesday, April 5 at 10:00 am ET  |  3:00 pm GMT <Available on Demand>


For more specific instructions on how to do a number of tasks in the new interface, we are adding a number of support articles to help make this transition as seamless as possible. More articles will be added to the following list as they become available:


Account settings (logo, owner, tag, etc.)

Agency settings: Default, White Label, Templates, Advanced

Command Center

Help! I forgot my password

How to add a dashboard user to an account

How to reset a password on behalf of your colleague

How to add an Adwords network & associate with an account

How to manage your user profile

How to change logos in my reports and dashboards

Revoking & re-establishing tokens

White Labeling Options

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