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Why NinjaCat Marketing Reports Are Important To Your Business Success

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Why NinjaCat Marketing Reports Are Important To Your Business Success

It’s the end of the month and your client reports are due soon.  So you start to toil away, gathering all the data, MANUALLY, and you begin the long process that even Frodo would fear and loathe.

NinjaCat Automated Reports
Is running marketing reports worse than traveling to Mount Doom? NinjaCat solves that.

If you are a small agency this might be a day or two of work.  If you are a huge agency with 20 or more clients this becomes a nightmare.  You start to ask yourself, “Why do we even need reports?”  You ponder if your client's even look at them or understand what they are looking at if they do open the report.  In the long run, marketing reports are very important to your success as a marketing agency, here is why.

When your client's talk about business the main questions or areas of interest are usually sales, prospecting and marketing and how they market products or services.  Even when I talk with business owners that is the main discussion point.

Marketing reports help get everyone on the same page and serve to further unite efforts or course correct. They help to determine the success and the direction of marketing campaigns. For marketing agencies they can be the reason you win, keep or lose clients. If your reports are just a bunch of fluff a client may not see the value in you. However, if you provide a detailed report to a client, they may see you as a requirement, cementing a long relationship. They also help to decipher the value of the investment a client has made. As a marketing agency you are an investment to your clients. If you become a bad investment expect the axe. However, if you are able to communicate your value, your clients will want to keep you around to help continue to grow the business.

If you are a marketing firm part of your job is to detail the efforts of the marketing dollars you are spending.  Your client's want and need to know where the ship is going in order to make healthy decisions.  However, if your reports lack a certain luster or are incomplete because of time and effort you and your client both have a shared problem. The bottom line is that reports are a health indicator of your business.

The best solution is NinjaCat.  NinjaCat answers the question that most marketing agencies have; how can I make stunning branded reports that are informative and won't take me weeks to compile?  

NinjaCat Almost Done Running Client Reports
Ready to do it again in 3 weeks?

Imagine saving not just hours but days on your reporting cycle.  A couple of hours spent with NinjaCat can mean days freed up to talk strategy with clients, fine tune PPC campaigns, or watch adorable cat videos on YouTube.  Set up a client, attach all the important data points like Google AdWords, Analytics, Search Console, BING Ads, Facebook Ads and more, then set up a schedule and automate your report.

NinjaCat Generates Reports Automatically
In the future the Cubs will win a world series and your reports will generate automatically

The aftermath of a NinjaCat automated report is a happy client, a happy employee and money saved.  If time is money, you just saved a bunch!  Now reporting day is like this:


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Scott Guttenberger is the Director of Marketing for NinjaCat. He regularly writes on topics concerning paid search, paid social, display and retargeting. With more than 10 years of marketing experience, Scott has held both in-house and agency positions. He provides search marketing and demand generation advice for companies and can be found on Twitter as @SkotTheMarketer.

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