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Invite a friend to try NinjaCat, and we’ll donate $100 to charity for every qualified referral you send us.

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How it Works

Your referral may be an agency, media company, or brand. If they participate in a demo with us, we will make a donation in your name.

Local & Toll Free Numbers

Submit Form, or Connect with Your CSM

Simply enter your name and email in the short form  and a friendly NinjaCat will be in touch! Or, reach out to your CSM to let them know you have a friend in mind.

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We'll Introduce Your Referral to NinjaCat

We will reach out to your referral on your behalf to set up an intro to NinjaCat! Note: A demo will need to take place to qualify for this promotion.

Dynamic Swapping

NinjaCat Makes a Donation in Your Name

That's it! Once the NinjaCat introduction and demo  with your referral are complete, we will make the donation in your name to your charity of choice.

But's more!
To show our appreciation, if your referral signs up to become a fellow NinjaCat customer, we will gift an additional $900 to you. This may be in the form of a gift card, or as an additional donation to your choice charity.

Charities to Support

Have you ever wondered makes up NinjaCat’s DNA?
C.A.T.: Compassion, Action, and Trust.

To honor these three values, we’ve selected three organizations we believe in, and those which represent the values we live on a daily basis.
Compassion: All Faiths Food Bank
Action: The Climate Reality Project
Adopt a

If there is another organization you’re passionate about, we'd be more than happy to help accommodate! Be sure to mention the name of charity when you share your referral's contact information.