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How can NinjaCat's
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All the tools you need to automate your reporting, monitor performance, win new clients and transform existing customers into raving fans.

Connect Over 750 Data Sources

Think about all the current and future data sources you need to pull from (AdWords, Bing, Analytics, Facebook, DSPs, Call Tracking Providers, SEO Platforms, Email Platforms, CRMs, etc). Imagine if all your data from those sources was automatically pulled into one location and combined in a way that made reporting and monitoring easy? NinjaCat makes that a reality.

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PPC Reporting

It’s the first of a new month and it’s time, once again, to report your PPC progress to your clients.  Time to justify your PPC strategy, your optimization efforts and your agency.  If you‘re a large digital marketing agency this can take a full week or longer to create.  NinjaCat helps digital marketing agencies automate these types of reports and create stunning, eye catching PDF’s. Automating your reports with NinjaCat helps save you time & money while effectively proving the value you bring to your clients.

SEO Reporting

Showing and communicating the progress of your SEO efforts is crucial if you want to satisfy and retain high-paying clients, but reporting on all the related data and variables is tricky and time consuming.  See how NinjaCat helps leading digital agencies produce incredibly effective, stunning SEO reports in less time.

Budget Monitoring

Monitoring the budget spends for all your clients is a time consuming juggling act.  Wouldn't it be nice if all your client’s budgets were centralized into one platform where you could immediately see who was in danger of overspending and see which clients are hitting set KPI’s? NinjaCat brings all of that information into one easy to understand dashboard.

Call Tracking

Get all the credit for the calls your efforts generate with our built-in call tracking service designed specifically for digital marketing agencies. Tie calls to campaigns and keywords.  Record calls and get detailed call metrics such as source, duration, geographic location, answer status, caller id and more.  NinjaCat can also integrate with most 3rd party call tracking providers such as CallRail, CallTrackingMetrics, Tru Measure, Marchex and many more.

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White Label Dashboards

While delivering monthly reports has consistently proven to be the best way to retain customers, offering a sleek, white labeled, fully responsive dashboard will help impress prospects and convert them into paying clients, increase transparency and earn trust.  Show your value with our white labeled dashboards and unlock your potential.

Campaign Monitoring

Imagine having a cross channel view across all clients and campaigns..would be incredibly helpful, right? NinjaCat allows you to monitor changes to current pacing as well as compare performance of different periods, allowing you to identify when a campaign needs attention or when to share good news with your clients.  Regain control of your accounts and perfect your strategies with NinjaCat.

White-Label Everything

Make NinjaCat “your own” platform by adding your logo & colors to your reports and dashboards. You can create your own custom url (ie: and even have emails delivered through your own email server.  Your clients will see a professional dashboard that will impress and communicate the value of your relationship to them.

Universal API

Pull data from all the different marketing channels including PPC, Programmatic, Social, Email & Call Tracking into your CRM, or data warehouses for deeper data exploration or the development of your own proprietary marketing tools/dashboards.  The NinjaCat Universal Marketing API allows you to dramatically reduce the development time, headaches and cost associated with maintaining API connections to all these sources of data. Leverage our drag and drop interface to design template data sets with limitless aggregation and cross channel data mixing capabilities which can then be accessed via one simple API.

Secure & Reliable

We’ve earned the trust of the world’s largest agencies by making a significant commitment to keeping your data safe, our technology is secure and systems always available. We sign data protection agreements with our agencies and our systems run on AWS cloud infrastructure, a recognized leader in data center security. You can find details on Amazon’s compliance and security certifications at:

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White Glove Setup & Service

We’re committed to helping every client understand, adopt and succeed with NinjaCat. That’s why every subscription comes with personalized training and a dedicated customer success contact (yes, a real expert, not a helpdesk). We provide kick-start training calls that will get your account and team up and running in days, not months. You will see the ROI immediately.

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"We've been using Ninja Cat for a few years, and have continued to be very impressed with the increasing functionality and flexibility it offers. We can create all kinds of reports and have them automatically sent to our clients at a fraction of the cost of other services, and their customer service is great!"

Amanda Finch, Director

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