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Automating Enterprise Media Reporting

October 20, 2020
September 15, 2021

One of NinjaCat’s top enterprise media clients is also one of the most extensive news and media conglomerates in the United States. This media company has, as many primarily print news-based publishers, evolved into a print-digital hybrid. Operating both as an entity and in individual local markets, advertising is the backbone of the publishers’ digital business. Managing all digital advertising of the company is an internal digital agency. The internal agency’s enterprise advertising services range from owned and operated direct publisher buys to more advanced programmatic ad buys for broader reaching advertising. Advertising clientele is segmented into business tiers based on media spending levels and required levels of reporting and account management.

The Challenge:

Prior to NinjaCat, in order to manage the reporting and analytics output for various client tiers, the internal agency adopted an in-house, custom-built reporting solution: one method for their mid-tier clients who require a more simplified report, and another for the top-tier clients, who require advanced conversion tracking and evaluation annotations. The problem with two segmented solutions within one business was that they weren’t compatible with one another and they didn’t offer a cohesive user experience.

Reporting capabilities were limited.
All aspects of the reporting process were manual, which meant wrangling and aggregating data from every source for every publication location, and for every client, parsing it out, then building visualizations. The internal agency’s reporting analyst team found themselves continually pulling data into hasty reports and shipping them off to the client services teams to meet stringent deadlines, rather than thoroughly analyzing the data and garnering insights for optimizations and growth. Supporting the media for an enterprise business of the media conglomerate’s size, these methods just weren’t scalable. 

In a nutshell, employee time wasn’t well spent. High-value employees were overloading with tedious, low-value tasks,  ultimately producing lower quality output than they needed them to be.

The Solution: A single reporting platform that’s flexible and scalable and serves a wide variety of client needs.

What the internal agency found in NinjaCat was the ability to produce customized, standardized reporting templates that are easy to flex for individual clients, at any tier, at any cadence. And with a robust suite of integrations and custom data connectors through NinjaCat, the need to manually wrangle any data has diminished. 

Why NinjaCat:

  • Ease of use and exceptional onboarding support
  • Extensive suite of integrations
  • Simplified data aggregation
  • Flexible reporting and exporting features
  • Customizable metrics and visualizations
  • Tailored reports and dashboards, customized per audience
  • Enterprise scalability

The Result:

The internal agency has fully migrated all of its clients to the NinjaCat platform. With an exceptional amount of strategic planning and rigorous testing, NinjaCat’s technical support and success teams  ported all data records for seamless integration. 

These efforts garnered an early, big win when it came to the management of the internal agency’s largest franchise customer, a brand with 60+ stores.  With fully managed digital advertising for the brand as a whole, and per location, this meant dozens of performance reports were required to pull, build, and deploy monthly. Now, instead of setting up 60+ dashboards, the Account Managers have automated a single template to push to each location’s stakeholder, populated with their respective location data via NinjaCat’s roll-up reporting feature.  

The internal agency's client services are now able to offer a new, specially curated style and depth of insights. Tailored templates for the tiers of clients who tend to require less detailed reporting, is now automated, thanks to the report automation capabilities within NinjaCat. And overall, better reporting has led to more delighted clients.

A unique benefit the internal agency has found in NinjaCat is the utilization of push-reports and digital marketing reporting dashboards internally to democratize their data. Analysts finally have data at their fingertips, rather than having to acquire it, and campaign managers are more empowered to act upon the insights and recommendations. Finance teams have the ability to track client billing, allowing them to perform contract audits and spend reconciliations.

"The platform itself is going to give us the ability to change the whole dynamic of our reporting and analytics team. They're going to be focused on exactly that [analytics]. It's gonna be a game-changer for us."

--Senior Director of Marketing Services

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