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Case Studies

Case Studies
September 4, 2018
Smart Search Marketing Case Study: Justifying ROI with Client Reporting
Client reporting is a great way to justify ROI. Marketing is an investment into the growth of your business. Reporting shows you the value of your campaigns and gives you powerful, actionable insights.
Case Studies
July 17, 2018
Sound Communication Case Study: Client Reports That Speak To Every Level Of Management.
“Communication is key in any relationship, especially business, when profit is on the line. What we find is that the reporting actually empowers our clients to look good in front of their superiors.” - Richard Maimone, Digital Marketing Strategist.
Case Studies
June 27, 2018
Digital Hyve Case Study: Win Larger Clients & Provide Deeper Insight All While Keeping Costs Down
“One thing that is incredibly important is client retention. Our reports allow us to build our client retention, build our relationships, help people understand what they are seeing. It allows us to communicate with our clients on a regular basis and capture exactly why our clients hired us”
Case Studies
May 8, 2018
Hallam Case Study: More Data, Deeper Insight, Better Storytelling
More Data, In-Depth Analysis, Cross Channel Mixing, Aggregation and Higher Quality Campaigns lead Hallam to a competitive edge in the market.
Case Studies
March 29, 2018
ADIGMA Case Study: The Franchise Based Reporting Solution
ADIGMA wanted to offer better and more indepth reporting for its many franchise clients while cutting down the time it took to prepare the reports.
Case Studies
March 13, 2018
352 Inc. Case Study: The Reporting Solution That Scaled
NinjaCat helped 352 Inc. scale during explosive growth while strengthening their branding and positioning with clients.
Case Studies
February 7, 2018
Workshop Digital Case Study: The Time Saving Reporting Solution
Workshop Digital sought to raise the bar on their client reporting deliverables, while also cutting down the amount of time spent on reporting.

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