Your Powerhouse for Scalability & Automation

You're the brains behind the dashboards, the keeper of data. And we know how messy it can get juggling all that info. NinjaCat is designed with you—the reporting expert—in mind.


The Instant-On Unified Data Solution 

NinjaCat tackles the specific challenges you face in aggregating and interpreting data at high scale. 

Scalable Architecture

Scalable data infrastructure to support growing analytics needs, designed to scale with your agency's growth, ensuring long-term viability.

Automatic Data Normalization

Our platform sifts through your data chaos and automatically converts it into a common marketing data model.

No-Code Transformations

Drag and drop your way through data transformations, allowing you to focus on high-impact analytics.

AI Analyst Tool

Our AI digs deep into your data to automatically find insights and opportunities. Spend less time sifting through data and more time strategizing with your team.


AI + Your Team = Smarter, Faster Client Reports

With NinjaCat’s built-in AI Analyst, data analysis isn't just more efficient—it's revolutionary. Powered by GPT-4’s advanced NLP, this tool listens to your queries in plain English and offers insights that are not just numbers but catalysts for change. Instant insights, always-on analysis, and AI-driven precision become and invaluable asset for any data-driven team.

Transform Your Business 
with NinjaCat

Navigate your data management journey with a partner who understands your challenges and speaks your language. NinjaCat’s Data Cloud is engineered for your success.

Transformation Flexibility

Gain versatile data transformation and structuring capabilities without the headache.

Fast and Efficient at Scale

Consolidate large volumes of data from a multitude of sources without sacrificing speed.

Customer-First Approach

Exceptional customer service and dedicated account management every step of the way.

NinjaCat is helping us snag bigger clients, with more complex data issues, and meet them in their moment.

Head of Analytics & Data Visualization

All Your Data in One Place with +150 integrations

Don't Just Manage
Marketing Data—Master It.
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