Digital Marketing Budget Management

Track, Manage, and Automate Ad Spend at Scale

Control campaign costs and performance with powerful digital marketing budgeting software. Never worry about pacing or under/overspending again.

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Don't Just Monitor Spend, Optimize It

An intuitive budgeting dashboard makes managing ad spend for hundreds of clients simple. Metrics are refreshed hourly so you can course-correct performance issues before disaster strikes.

Push campaign changes directly to ad platforms, or let our industry-leading automation tools accurately pace budgets for you.

All Your Advertising Spend in One Place

Track campaigns in infinite budget combinations. Our budget management software offers the most flexible customization across more ad platforms than any other solution.

Control Spend at Scale with Powerful Automation Tools

Budget Management

Create custom budgets to monitor campaign spend in a way that matches your clients' strategies and needs. Flexible spend alerts notify you when to take action.

Overspend Protection

AutoPilot automatically adjusts campaign statuses to ensure you hit, but don’t exceed, your target spend. Campaign budgets are firmly adhered to.

Automated Budget Pacing

Take the manual work out of budget adjustments. Our AI-powered CruiseControl algorithm automatically adjusts daily budgets to ensure campaigns pace evenly.

Budget Recommendations

Take the guesswork out of budget recommendations. Budget Pacer provides data-driven suggestions and predicts future performance based on the changes made.

Ultimate Flexibility

Track and manage campaign spend across multiple ad accounts and platforms. Create custom budget cycle lengths and frequencies, and set future budget targets.

Super-Charged Collaboration

Collectively manage all your ad accounts in one place. Work together to optimize budgets, leave notes, and tag team members to take action.

Budget Management

Hourly Dashboard Updates

Automated Data Aggregation

Spend Management (Two-Way Optimizations)

Industry Leading Budget Automation

Paid Advertising Integrations

Bi-Directional Advertising API

Campaign Monitoring

Daily Dashboard Updates

Automated Data Aggregation

Spend Monitoring (One-Way Tracking)

Industry Leading Reports & Dashboards

Paid Advertising & Organic Integrations

Uni-Directional Marketing API

“We said goodbye to tedious manual checks and gained invaluable peace of mind by letting the system adjust budgets towards one common goal. We reduced pacing-related incidents by 80% and total billing increased by 10%.”

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