The Engine Behind
Your Data-Driven Success

Centralize 100% of your clients' marketing data into a fully managed enterprise data warehouse

Automatically normalize diverse digital platform data into a common marketing data model

Remove 90% of time teams traditionally spend wrangling data for reporting and analytics

Live data sharing of visualization-ready datasets to BI tools, partners or custom applications

Democratizes data for non-technical users enabling faster insights-driven decisions

Transparent cost structure to keep your budget in check with flat-rate pricing


Seamlessly Integrate Your Marketing Data Sources

  • Marketing-Specific Integrations: Because not all data tools get marketing. We do.
  • 100+ Pre-Build Data Integrations: All of the most commonly used marketing analytics connectors, ready-to-go.
  • Custom Data Connectors: Tailored connectivity for even the most unique data configurations.

Simplify & Harmonize
Your Data

  • Automatic Data Normalization: Bring order to your data chaos.
  • No-Code Transformations: Drag, drop, and you're done.
  • Custom Calculations: Your data, your rules.

Keep All Your Marketing Data in One Place

  • Centralized, Managed Data Warehouse
  • Scalable Storage: Hold trillions of rows of data, to grow with your business
  • Powered by Snowflake

Your Data, Where You Want it

  • Multiple Data Delivery Options: Enterprise Marketing Data Pipeline
  • API and Code-Free Replication: Express shipping for your data
  • Data Storage Destinations: Snowflake, BigQuery, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon S3, and more
  • BI Tool Destinations: Tableau, Looker Studio, Sisense and more...

All Your Data in One Place with +150 integrations

Don't Just Manage
Marketing Data—Master It.
See NinjaCat in Action.