Data Management

Next-Generation Digital Marketing Data Management

NinjaCat is powered by a transformational data engine for unified digital marketing analytics, automated reporting and campaign optimization.

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Tame the Data Chaos

Digital marketing data is increasingly critical and uniquely complex to manage. It's siloed across a wide variety of channels and platforms, each with their own analytics features, making it impossible to get a holistic view of digital marketing performance. NinjaCat continuously maintains interrelationships between data elements across digital marketing channels to give you a clear picture of performance.

Speed to Insight

Data management needs to happen fast enough to enable you to improve performance in time to make a difference. For companies who rely heavily on high-quality, packaged reporting of digital marketing performance, NinjaCat’s data advantage enables a fundamental breakthrough in the scalability and quality of reporting to internal and external stakeholders.

Your Data.
Where you need it.

Effortlessly connect, clean, and transform all your marketing data in NinjaCat then ship it to any of the leading data warehouses via our API or code free replication options. NinjaCat Data Management increases the speed and value of digital marketing performance data flowing into analytics tools outside of marketing.

Hyper-Automated NinjaCat Data Management Engine

Powered by Snowflake

Realize limitless scalability from high performance data warehousing, with SOC2 Type II certified storage, and secure data sharing.

Data Collection

Ingest data from 150+ integrated marketing channels.

Data Harmonization

Aggregate, blend and cleanse your data. Create your own custom calculations.

Scalable Data Storage

Store trillions of rows of data, to grow with your business.


Designed to meet the most stringent compliance and privacy requirements with customizable tools to help protect all your data.

Digital Marketing Industry Data Model

Normalize diverse terminology across digital marketing channels.

“With security protocols in place for large businesses, often time data portability can be problematic. NinjaCat simplifies the process of blending multiple data sources and then pushing them to their final destination.”

Christian Kligora
Sr. Vice President, Client Success
Gannett | USA Today

Data Analyst Approved. Designed for Your Marketing Campaigns.

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