Accelerate Your 
Product Roadmap 

Your job isn't just to keep things running; it's to lead your team down the path of innovation. Data Cloud is designed to solve the unique challenges you face as the product builder overseeing the strategy, development, and optimization of data and reporting platforms for your high-scale agency. 


The Backbone for Your Integrated Data Ecosystem

Let NinjaCat handle data integration complexities, so your team can deliver high-impact products faster. Stop building data plumbing. Start building the future.

Marketing-Specific Integrations

Our solution understands marketing as deeply as you do. We offer 100+ pre-built data connectors tailored specifically for marketing analytics, taking the guesswork out of data integration.

Centralized Data Warehouse

Unify 100% of your clients' marketing data in a fully managed enterprise data warehouse, giving you a single source of truth and eliminating the complexity of data integration.

Predictable Pricing

Data Cloud operates on a flat-rate pricing model, letting you forecast costs effectively. No more surprise fees—just scalable solutions that align with your growth.

AI-Powered Insights

Data Cloud uses machine learning algorithms to generate actionable insights, speeding up decision-making processes and ensuring that your media buying and planning are as effective as possible.


Your Data, Exactly Where You Want It

Data Ship allows for smooth integration with core data storage solutions like Snowflake, Google Cloud, and Amazon S3. It's more than an enterprise data pipeline; it’s an enabler that turns your existing technology stack into a centralized hub for actionable insights.

No-Code, High Impact

Free up your data team to concentrate on delivering high-value analysis and reporting. Data Ship’s intuitive, no-code pipeline eradicates the manual work of data consolidation.

Real-Time Data Syncing

Data Ship offers unified, real-time visibility into your campaign data across channels. Now your team can allocate resources more wisely, focusing on strategic tasks rather than low-level data engineering.

Close the Gaps in 
Your Data Lifecycle

Data Ship ensures you have a complete picture by filling in gaps in your data. This enables you to better attribute performance and uncover previously hidden optimization opportunities.

Transform Your Business 
with NinjaCat

Navigate your data management journey with a partner who understands your challenges and speaks your language. NinjaCat’s Data Cloud is engineered for your success.

Transformation Flexibility

Gain versatile data transformation and structuring capabilities without the headache.

Fast and Efficient at Scale

Consolidate large volumes of data from a multitude of sources without sacrificing speed.

Customer-First Approach

Exceptional customer service and dedicated account management every step of the way.

We use NinjaCat to integrate the required data sets and gauge the potential of our new products faster. We can quickly gain insight on effectiveness and stop launching products that don’t bring value.

Associate Director of Client Services

All Your Data in One Place with +150 integrations

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