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Client Reporting Software Case Study: Sound Communication

August 18, 2021
August 19, 2021

Sound Communication is a different kind of agency. Since the 1980’s, adaption to change is why they have remained a leader in the marketing industry.  They are a full service media buying agency in midtown Manhattan with a large swath of clients who purchase media in TV, Radio, Social Media, Digital Streaming and more. A.J Jordan, the VP of Digital Media and Richard Maimone, Digital Marketing Strategist came to NinjaCat looking to sharpen their competitive edge, reduce overhead costs and raise the quality of their client reporting functions.

The Problem: Create Client Reports that Can Speak to Every Level of Management

Sound Communications knew the client reports they produce were being handed down the line to three, four or even five different people.  Many people reading the reports were not data analysts.  They needed reports that could speak to all types of business stakeholders, so they would not be misinterpreted as they are handed up or down the ladder.  Sound Communications knew competitors would be thinking the same and went searching for a game changing, easy to roll out client reporting software solution that offered dashboards.  In order to continue on for the next 30+ years, this reporting solution needed to be a robust, informative reporting platform and needed to help analysts move away from screen shots and power points.  Sound Communications needed professional presentations that would be functional to various different management levels with different appetites for data detail.

The Client Reporting Software Solution: NinjaCat for Automation, Dashboards and Everything in Between

They had very specific needs when it came to purchasing a comprehensive marketing reporting software solution.  They needed the ability to go granular but also create executive level reports and summaries.  Sound Communications also wanted succinct, easy to read reporting that can be passed off to client services or other stakeholders.  And anyone who receives their report can’t misinterpret the data.  It needs to clearly state the story of the results driven by the marketing agency.  It has to be automated and scale as their business grows and as new integrations are needed.  It had to be able to connect the client services team to the Analytics team and needed to also pass muster with management.  Above all, the end goal was outstanding performance reports that would impress clients, managers and C-level leaders.  They wanted to up level their client reports to produce captivating client presentations.

The Results: Confident Account Managers and Better Client Retention

With NinjaCat in place, Sound Communications now has more time to sit down with clients and review their marketing performance reports and add actionable insights from what the analytics team is showing in the data.  This has allowed for stronger client relationships throughout the entire reporting chain.  Client services can easily prove value with the new reports, they are able to deliver the data in different formats to suit the client's needs.  The way the new reports are laid out, “clients have said they have a better understanding of the data, ” according to one Digital Marketing Strategist. And they are now able to report on the metrics without a loss in fidelity.  The new reports have strengthened the brand in the eyes of the clients and has led to more client retention.

The analytics team is confident in the reports because of NinjaCat’s attention to data accuracy.  There are tons of integrations available to Sound Communications with more coming out each month. Attribution, cross channel reporting and data mixing are now quick options you can automate.  Management is excited because this has allowed them to keep that same edge that brought the company from its beginnings, to a digital power house today.  The reports help with client retention and keeping employee headcount under control while still scaling and bringing on more clients and more reporting needs.  

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