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Finding & Moving The Needle In The Modern Marketing Data Stack

March 15, 2023
March 15, 2023

Marketing teams at agencies and media companies of all sizes are struggling to transform Big Data into small steps toward scalability, which is why engineering a modern data stack that can grow with your list of clients is imperative to success in the long term. 

While there are many data management solutions in the marketplace, given the sheer amount of data that needs to be wrangled, the tools available to agencies that can turn analytics into action items are simply not up to the task. What marketing data professionals require to achieve their goals, is a platform that takes security, speed, and scale into consideration. 

NinjaCat’s Marketing Data Cloud is a fully-managed data warehouse that ingests, stores, and transforms your marketing metrics, helping your team transition from data wranglers to wizards. 

Our new graphic book covers all the ways in which the NinjaCat Marketing Data Cloud enables your team to tackle the Five Vs of Big Data - volume, velocity, variety, veracity, and value - empowering agency analysts with improved analytics and better data management. 

The Five V’s of Big Data

  • Volume - As long as your marketing data management tool can handle the large volume of data that comes with modern marketing, there may not be an issue, that is, until unforeseen circumstances deliver a snag in your data stack. How easily can your team leverage and learn from big data?

  • Velocity & Variety - Marketing data lives on so many different platforms and can be organized in a myriad of ways by completely different taxonomies, proliferating and populating dashboards at a minute-by-minute scale, that the ability to handle the velocity and variety of data isn’t a nice-to-have, but a need-to-have. Is your marketing able to find specific needles in your marketing data haystack?

  • Veracity - The quality of data-based decisions are only as good as the data they’re based on. Without being able to verify data integrity and track the entire corpus of metrics from a campaign, agencies may be deriving meaning from meaningless metrics. Can you trust the metrics being shipped from your marketing data warehouse?

  • Value - Agencies need to deliver results in real-time and use data to inform accurate decision making and prove value. Whereas before you needed a team of data engineers to make sense of effectiveness and performance, NinjaCat’s new marketing cloud enables your team to get their heads out of spreadsheets and back in the game of proving value. How difficult is it for your marketing team to derive valuable insights from volumes of performance data?

In the end, marketing performance management isn’t about technical will power or needing a team of data scientists to understand the impact of your campaigns, it’s all about mastering the data and proving value and advancing to the next campaign. 

Are you ready to take the leap? Download your free copy of our graphic book to unlock your team’s ability to tame the data chaos of your campaigns, and shift your agency's reporting potential from overwhelmed to overdrive.

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