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How Optimized Marketing and NinjaCat Enhance Client Reporting

October 4, 2021
July 20, 2023

Optimized Marketing is a digital marketing agency that utilizes their proprietary SPACE program to deliver a guaranteed improvement in digital lead generation to local service businesses in a diverse array of verticals including water treatment, dry cleaners, and IT providers.

Bryan Trilli founded the agency 10 years ago and started working with NinjaCat 4 years ago. He emphasizes that the combination of the right science, psychology, strategy and data reporting tool helped Optimized Marketing generate transformative results.

The Challenge

Over the years as their list of clients grew, the amount of marketing reports Optimized Marketing needed to deliver to those clients increased as well. 

“In the beginning,” says Trilli, “marketing reports were manually stitched together from data that was housed in a dedicated spreadsheet.” 

Important marketing performance data from Google Analytics, Google Ads, Bing, Facebook, call tracking, and billing was imported by hand, and then extracted into an email or presentation to share with stakeholders.

“For a growing agency, the manual approach to marketing reports created more barriers than benefits,” says Trilli. “We eventually outgrew that method because it’s time consuming and, as you add more complexity, there’s more chance for error in the data entry.”

It was clear that Optimized Marketing was looking for help not only creating client reports, but delivering them at a scale that matched their growth. 

If a new tool was going to truly help overcome the challenge, that marketing performance reporting software would have to promise automation. 

“We love automated solutions,” says Trilli, “so we needed something to integrate all of the data and report that back to our marketing expert and the client automatically.”

The Solution

When it came time to select a software solution to address their marketing reporting challenge, the team at Optimized Marketing had a ranking process in place, which considered several pain points at different branches in their reporting workflow.  

“One of our core principles as a company includes efficient optimization of everything,” says Ana Fediaeva, social media manager at Optimized Marketing. “We manage and test. Nobody is good at guessing, so we need to know what exactly drives the traffic and, most importantly, the leads.”

After a rigorous comparison of the software solutions within their decision set, Optimized Marketing chose NinjaCat and began the process of switching their reporting and presentation systems from manual to automation.

The Results 

Once NinjaCat was up and running, their team saw immediate results. “After we started relying on the reports as the “source of truth” for the analysis,” says Fediaeva. Before NinjaCat, gleaning strategic insights or ‘truths’ from campaign performance was only possible after the hand-crafted reports were stitched together. 

With marketing report automation, updated dashboards and campaign monitoring, NinjaCat helped Optimized Marketing drastically reduce not only time spent generating reports, but also sped up their time to insight.

“Seeing the data collected the right way and displaying all the relevant information that we need for efficient analysis and constant improvement of the accounts we manage, saves us a lot of time and increases the productivity of our team,” says Fediaeva.

The inability to templetize report creation often prevented Optimized Marketing from bringing on more clients without driving up costs.

“At this point one person from our team can easily manage up to 25 accounts, maybe even more, analyzing and optimizing those at least once a month,” says Fediaeva.

Trilli can quantify the ROI on NinjaCat even further. “We estimate that it [NinjaCat] roughly saves us 30 minutes per account per month, 25 hours a month, total.” he says. “Not to mention the advantages of not having data entry errors and being able to easily integrate new platforms.”

Optimized Marketing also uses NinjaCat’s Campaign Monitoring product, to stay on top of campaigns in flight.

“The budget KPI reports were a great tool for budget monitoring,” says Fediaeva. “We could now easily reference the costs vs. the actual budget to see if we are on track with our marketing spending.” 

The Optimized Marketing team emphasizes that ROI from great software products equally rely on great people. A marketing performance management tool should be a force multiplier for a talented marketer or analyst.  

“I’m an engineer by education and love numbers,” said Trilli, “and Ana is extremely analytical and the thing that’s most surprised me is anytime I have a complicated ask to analyze data for a particular problem, Ana has always been able to get it out of NinjaCat. And it’s usually better than I imagined.”

To find out if NinjaCat is the right reporting tool to amplify the results possible for your team, book a demo.

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