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How TradeDesk Data and NinjaCat Marketing Reports Help Build A Better Ad Strategy

November 16, 2021
December 15, 2021

Digital marketers today realize the importance of data and reporting. Without data it’s hard to establish direction. The quality of the campaign is dependent on the quality of the data and the ability to report on results. So how do modern marketers help improve their odds?

With advertising data intelligence from The Trade Desk, and performance reporting and monitoring by NinjaCat, marketers can build better reports, with better data, and create better strategies for their clients & campaigns. 

Advertising In A Fractured Media Landscape

Reaching the right customers at the right time is a priority for modern marketers. But there are only so many opportunities to target your messaging on a single device. And as people access media on more and more screens, delivering a seamless brand experience is a must.

The Trade Desk is the world’s leading independent demand side platform, allowing marketers to target the right audiences with the right message, at the right time. 

With The Trade Desk’s platform, digital marketers can use data to reach more people and drive a smarter strategy before they spend any ad budget. In addition to having total transparency into performance, Trade Desk can optimize toward the goals that are most important to your business.

With the ability to cross-device target audiences, you can deliver your ads to the right audience on the right devices — the right number of times. Plus, gain greater insight into the customer journey by analyzing which devices and browsing environments lead to the most conversions.

Trade Desk Data + NinjaCat Reports

Agencies can leverage The Trade Desk’s partnership with NinjaCat to maximize the value of their marketing performance data. 

With NinjaCat, agencies can present standardized, scalable reports using a client reporting process that can be applied across all levels of their brand and individual locations, all powered by data and buy-side intelligence from The Trade Desk.

With turnkey data integration, NinjaCat can organize massive amounts of performance data from The Trade Desk and bring a scalable reporting process and a reliable data story to each dashboard, PDF, and Powerpoint.

Better Data Integrity Leads to More Integral Reporting

The Trade Desk’s powerful ad network and infrastructure can seem overwhelming to the lay-marketer, and it feels like true reportability and a reliable data story would be hard to create on a consistent basis. That’s where NinjaCat comes in. 

By integrating Trade Desk data into NinjaCat’s plug-n-present platform, agencies can keep their performance reporting flexible so that each account and end user, no matter how many, has a tailored report that tells a dependable data story.

Combining the advanced data and analytics of The Trade Desk into NinjaCat’s reporting platform allows marketers to create pixel-perfect presentations that compel clients into the next campaign. NinjaCat doesn’t just help build a better report, it helps you build relationships, and your book of business. 

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