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Introducing NinjaCat's Marketing Partner Directory

February 19, 2021
February 15, 2023

We are excited to announce the launch of the newest enhancement to our strategic partnership program, the partner directory! This directory, which can be found in the main nav of our site, is designed to serve as your go-to hub of information about each of the 100+ martech and adtech channels, services, and technology available to you through the NinjaCat platform.  

Designed for easy navigation and research, the directory is categorized by channel and tactic. Quickly click to the category of choice, or select ‘all’ to peruse and explore. If you’re looking for a specific partner or integration, simply utilize the search function. Click into each page to find a product and benefits profile hosting videos, screenshots, and additional support documentation.

NinjaCat Partners Directory
Easy navigation and helpful info that will spark joy.

As a human-first company, our goal is to continue partnering with strategic technology that creates additional value for our end-users. This directory is designed to serve as a resource to partners and customers alike, but we’d be doing ourselves a disservice if we stopped short of explaining the many benefits of becoming an official NinjaCat partner.

Better Together 

Our data shows that on average, agencies, media companies, and brands run advertisements or campaigns across no less than five different media channels to support their business goals. Often, agile agencies and multi-hat marketers are running these campaigns platform-direct, resulting in disjointed workflows and data discrepancies. But through NinjaCat and our extensive suite of integrations and network of strategic partnerships, marketers have seamless access to their channel data, neatly packaged into one useful platform.

"Partnerships are about companies working together to enhance each other’s products, improve the customer experience and create new business opportunities"
-  John Hoeft, VP Strategic Partnerships at NinjaCat

In business especially, we can accomplish so much more together. Since 2013 NinjaCat has been building relationships with a variety of marketing channels, technologies, data sources, and customers. Today we have over 100 fully integrated partners, smart connectors, complementary platforms, and customer partners.

The Partnership Program  

Partnering with NinjaCat is simple, yet boasts many benefits. Our Partner Program includes a partner profile in our new directory. You’ll have the ability to manage your profile remotely, enabling you to feature timely and relevant content along with videos, screenshots, and links to your website.  As a result, partners will experience increased visibility and SEO benefits. 

Our official partners are invited to participate in co-marketing initiatives such as case studies, webinars, and various, valuable content marketing opportunities. Have something else in mind? We love out-of-the-box creative opportunities to collaborate, too! 

In some of our recent co-marketing initiatives, we have teamed up with  TangoCode to host a two-part, webinar series inviting a panel of experts and mutual clients to talk marketing automation.  We’ve also teamed up with CallRail, Advisr, and the Local Media Association on several occasions. 

To join the directory and become an official NinjaCat Partner, fill out this form to get in touch with our Partnerships team. And don’t forget to visit our new Partner Directory to see how NinjaCat’s network of partners and integrations can help fuel your workflow. 

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