Invoca & NinjaCat: Answering The Call Of Success!

June 28, 2021


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Better Marketing Metrics? Better Pick Up The Phone!

Nearly every business owner will agree that getting the phone to ring is a key performance indicator of a successful marketing campaign. Then how is it that over 80% of respondents in a recent report on call intelligence from Forrester claimed call channels are a blind spot, and their lack of intelligence from calls is negatively impacting marketing results?

When a marketer has full visibility into the communication channels impacting business, and can measure, monitor, and maintain these metrics, they’re better positioned for success. Marketers who leverage intelligence from phone calls to their business are better able to:

  • Understand and adapt to changing consumer behavior
  • Make the right marketing optimizations to increase conversion rates
  • Deliver seamless omni-channel experiences to acquire more customers

NinjaCat + Invoca

Invoca provides a complete, unified marketing solution for inbound phone calls. They combine best-in-class call attribution, conversation analytics, martech integrations, and call routing technology, helping marketers improve ROI, increase sales conversions, and deliver more personalized customer experiences — online and over the phone.

NinjaCat offers many different ways to collect, report on, and present marketing performance data, helping marketers leverage their data for better insights and outcomes.  

Invoca’s advanced technology provides caller activity insights specifically tied back to business objectives: calls by day, calls by source, call duration, caller name, number and recording. 

By combining Invoca’s call data with additional digital marketing analytics aggregated in NinjaCat, marketers using both platforms can maximize the value of their data. Data and insights flow into presentation-ready formats in NinjaCat, so marketers have standardized, scalable reports.

NinjaCat ingests and organizes call data from Invoca to produce comprehensive visual reports. Marketers can gauge performance at every level – from high level roll-up reports down to precise reporting for individual brands or locations.

This enables marketers to easily see how campaigns are performing and react accordingly. Benchmarking metrics help individual locations compare performance across other locations and even other brands. NinjaCat helps marketers prove the effectiveness of Invoca’s targeting in a highly digestible way.

Together, Invoca and NinjaCat help marketers drive and measure results across channels. For example, multi-location retailers are able to see exactly how their digital campaigns are driving in-store visits and contributing to the bottom line.

With robust call tracking data from Invoca, and high-quality, custom reporting templates from NinjaCat, marketers can scale their reporting efforts without sacrificing attention to detail or the ability to annotate. A fully-informed and fully-optimized reporting process with NinjaCat and Invoca unlocks efficiencies, produces stunning reports, and delivers results.