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JXT Group Case Study: Customize Reports, Scale Campaigns, and Track ROI

April 17, 2023
November 14, 2023

Menachem Ani is an expert in online advertising and ecommerce with over a decade of success developing high-impact marketing strategies for online retailers and lead-generation clients. He’s also Founder & CEO of JXT Group which provides online advertising management services for ecommerce retailers and service providers. We sat down to discuss how he uses NinjaCat to help wrangle his client data into reports, while building value to scale his business.  

The Challenge

“Prior to NinjaCat, we were doing all of our reporting and data management for JXT Group clients manually,” begins Menachem. “We’d gather data from all the platforms and try to make it look pretty, but that was extremely time consuming and would sometimes lead to inaccuracies.”

Dreaming of a better way to turn data management into a scalable process, Menachem and his team began the search for a partner that could help them turn that dream into a reality.

“As we were beginning to grow and bring on more clients we couldn’t help but wonder if there was a better way,” explains Menachem. “Reporting can easily become too complicated, so we started to look for tools that could help us make the data management process as simple as possible. We kept asking ourselves, ‘how can we pull all the performance data together?’ And that’s how we came to find NinjaCat as a possible option.”

Along with the time demands of his team, one of the biggest challenges Menachem came across when trying to solve the data management problem was delayed attribution in reports. The reports he was handing over to clients were not reflecting real-time analytics.

“If we didn’t solve this issue, it became clear to me that scaling the business was not going to be possible,” says Menachem. “Our teams were spending too much time on things that didn’t create value. A lot of our clients are ecommerce and in that space there is a ton of data that needs to be managed. Without a centralized data management platform to assist this process, the results were clunky and required a lot of oversight and double-checking.”

The Solution

After deciding to go with NinjaCat, Menachem and his team quickly started to see the positive effects of the choice, not only in the time saved from automating reports, but in the way in which NinjaCat allowed customization for JXT Group’s diverse book of clients.

“One of the things I love about NinjaCat is how streamlined it is,” explains Menachem. “You can easily connect it to all your data sources and quickly place those metrics into a template that you’ve customized for clients in a way that aligns with their business goals. Being able to take a standardized reporting template and transform that into any iteration for any client, regardless of their vertical, has been extremely helpful.”

NinjaCat allowed JXT Group to rethink their entire reporting process and focus on adding value through insights and strategy.

“Before NinjaCat, a lot of our Mondays or the first of the month was filled with wrangling data, putting the reports together. Now it’s more about reviewing the reports, adding notes and insights, and that’s it. Being able to spend more time on strategy as opposed to granular data gathering has been a game changer.” 

The Results

When asked how soon after the NinjaCat on-boarding process Menachem and his team noticed the platform was making a difference?

“Pretty much right away,” admits Menachem. “The time saving was a massive positive indicator right off the bat. And even now, nearly nine years later, we’re happy with the platform. As we’re growing, we’re adding more data sources from campaigns running on multiple platforms; Meta ads, Microsoft ads, Snapchat ads; I can’t even imagine pulling all that data manually. NinjaCat is customized to our needs, our clients, and our agency, and we really like that.”

With NinjaCat, JXT Group has clear visibility into real-time performance and they’re able to scale campaigns fast and gauge ROI even faster, which helps them eliminate waste and maximize spend. 

“Instead of having to wait until next Monday when we pull in the next batch of reports to pivot a campaign,” says Menachem, “we’re pulling up a realtime dashboard in NinjaCat for our clients that shows month-to-date spend, this week, last week, allowing us to reallocate budgets on the fly and double down on what’s actually working.”

Along with the great customer service and support that JXT Group receives from NinjaCat, a surprise benefit of the platform that Menachem discovered was the platform’s ability to assist in internal reporting for the agency itself.

“Initially we signed up to be able to provide our clients reports, but we’ve come to use NinjaCat for internal reporting as well. The agency-level roll up reports help us track ad spend across our whole portfolio which is very helpful.”

The interview wraps with a question to Menachem about what his response would be if someone new came into JXT Group and suggested switching out NinjaCat.

“Just don’t do it!” laughs Menachem. “It’s a reliable tool that our clients love, the reports are on time, the data is accurate. If someone suggested we switch NinjaCat, I’d tell them to focus their energies elsewhere.”

To find out if NinjaCat is the right reporting tool to amplify the results possible for your team, get in touch.

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