Maximize ROAS Using Attribution and Advanced Reporting (Webinar Recap)

September 1, 2021


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Digital Marketing

Leap Agency

In a recent joint webinar, “How To Maximize ROAS Using Attribution and Advanced Reporting,” experts from NinjaCat and LeadsRX discussed attribution, omnichannel reporting, and explored reliable ways to capture data and measure Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS).

Mark Tadman, Project Manager at NinjaCat, and Larry Todd, VP of Worldwide Sales at LeadsRx covered the basics of attribution and how multi-touch attribution and reporting can reveal ways to improve return on investment for marketers.

Proper attribution presents difficulties to most marketers, so any technical advantage that helps ensure the veracity and accuracy of activities and actions is a welcome addition. 

The Basics of Attribution

Larry opened the webinar with a general overview of attribution models for measuring digital marketing success and an introduction into how LeadsRx delivers analytics across the entire customer journey. 

Given that there is an overwhelming amount of data in multi-touch marketing campaigns, how can agencies and brands understand how leads turn into conversions?

LeadsRx has a proprietary Universal Pixel so first party data is collected with all assets containing the tag. With full-funnel transparency and attribution, reliable insights for marketing optimizations are more readily available. 

How multi-touch attribution deepens insight

If you can verify which channels delivered results and which ones underperformed, you can leverage those insights to optimize your spend in a strategic way. 

Advanced reporting for multi-touch campaigns

For marketers looking to close the loop on attribution, data lives across a plethora of platforms, and bringing all of that data into one dashboard, report, or presentation is the final hurdle. 

Here, Mark discussed how NinjaCat integrates various data sources into our proprietary template builder, providing advanced reporting capabilities for multi-touch campaigns. 

With a digital marketing reporting dashboard that combines web analytics, Salesforce data, advertising performance data, and revenue by source and campaign, marketers can provide clients and stakeholders with full visibility, thanks to NinjaCat.

Omni-Channel attribution models

Most marketing strategies contain multiple channels of outreach–both online and offline–which makes omni-channel attribution and reporting a very beneficial discipline to properly manage and optimize. With proper tracking in place, there are several ways to attribute lead activity and engagement to sales. 

Here, Larry unpacked the most common attribution models found in marketing, and applied them to advanced omni-channel campaigns. With the right measurements in place, offline channels such as TV, OTT, and out-of-home advertisers can use digital attribution models to monitor effectiveness of their campaigns. 

How LeadsRx and NinjaCat together help track ROAS


With lead tracking from LeadsRx and reporting from NinjaCat, marketers and agencies running campaigns on several different channels can bring properly attributed data into reports and dashboards they can use to track return on investment. To learn more or book a demo with NinjaCat, get in touch. Visit LeadsRx to learn more about their unique lead tracking services.