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NinjaCat Helps Brand Glow Up Their Global Marketing Reporting

December 13, 2021
December 15, 2021

Nelson’s is a family of wellness brands, including RESCUE Remedy®, Bach™ Original Flower Remedies, Spatone®, and Teetha®, that’s been helping people live  healthier, happier lives since 1860. As a modern CPG brand, digital marketing is table stakes for Nelsons, gathering the right data and insights about marketing and advertising through reliable reporting is crucial

As Global Digital Media Lead, Kristen Lavoie synthesizes marketing performance data from disparate sources across many different marketplaces around the world. Before assuming her current role, Lavoie worked within Nelsons U.S. marketing division implementing standardization and cohesion to the reporting process. With new oversight of the company's world-wide data and analytics practices, she quickly realized that Nelsons’ global marketing reporting was functional, but could use a glow-up. 

The Challenge

With a brand footprint in diverse markets like Germany, Japan, Australia, the U.K., and U.S., Lavoie was eager to centralize  Nelsons’ global marketing reporting to gain strategic insights from performance data.   

“Prior to NinjaCat,” says Lavoie, “reporting was a bit fragmented.” 

Agencies across the globe were running distinct campaigns on specific channels for Nelsons, with each region having a unique take on reporting analytics. Faced with reporting workflows heavily reliant on manual processing, Nelson’s needed to streamline digital marketing performance management.

“We had strong dashboards and reports coming from various stakeholders and business partners, but no comprehensive way to combine channel insights without manual labor.”

Standardizing performance reporting at a global scale wasn’t a nice-to-have, it was a need-to-have. The quest for marketing performance software began, and instantly Lavoie thought of NinjaCat, which had helped systematize the reporting process for Nelsons’ U.S. division. Could NinjaCat deliver for Nelsons again, this time at a global scale? 

The Solution

In order for any performance marketing reporting solution to be deemed worth investigating at such a scale, Lavoie was keen on gaining the ability to illustrate full digital ecosystem performance, which meant data integrity was critical in choosing the proper reporting platform.

“If you have bad data, you might as well not have any data,” says Lavoie. The quality and reliability of marketing data is a chief concern for any brand, particularly one as established as Nelsons. 

“Reports from second or third hand sources tend to lose data and story integrity over time,” says Lavoie. “Our business is complex in that we cover many brands across several regions. So unified, consistent omni-channel reporting is pivotal.”

With NinjaCat’s breakthrough data management capabilities and the ability to port in any dataset through a custom API, Lavoie quickly realized the potential for the platform to enhance the capabilities of her global team.

The Results

Before NinjaCat, gaining access to performance data across Nelsons’ global footprint was difficult but not impossible, simply due to the fact that much of the reporting process was wrangling data.

“NinjaCat has helped us overcome reporting challenges and focus on taking learnings and action, versus getting stuck in the data,” says Lavoie.

With reporting templates in NinjaCat, Nelsons is able to reset expectations with agencies, standardize presentations and dashboards, and speed up strategic insights. Thanks to NinjaCat’s custom data integrations, Nelsons is able to visualize any data set imaginable across the entire organization, providing enhanced insights and comprehensive reporting. According to Lavoie, “NinjaCat is unlocking our team's ability to shift focus from aggregating and compiling data to digesting and taking action on a daily basis. The new level of visibility has already helped us to adjust our performance standards and revamp what “Success” looks like online.” 

To find out if NinjaCat is the right reporting tool to amplify the results possible for your team, get in touch.

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