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NinjaCat Helps LocaliQ Scale Their Reporting Capabilities

March 2, 2023
May 3, 2023

LocaliQ is a marketing platform that helps businesses find, convert, and keep customers. Their suite of marketing automation, channel campaign management, CRM, and insight tools combined with expert-led services, help their clients make the most of their marketing budgets. 

We sat down with Ainsley Kent, Head of Analytics & Data Visualization at LocaliQ, to learn how NinjaCat has helped her agency scale its data management and reporting capabilities as its client roster expands.

The Challenge

“LocalIQ has a proprietary system that handles performance management,” says Ainsley. “We have an internal dashboard that our team and clients use to consolidate campaign data into reports, and for a while, this worked fine. It was only once our client roster started to grow, both in size and demand, that we realized we needed a more robust data management & reporting solution.”

Client success and growth were two factors that catalyzed LocaliQ to address their reporting challenges head on.

“As clients would grow their book of business, the reporting demands on our end would expand as well,” says Ainsley. “They would go from needing a handful of reports, to 10, to 50, to 100 plus, and that really started to light a fire under us to find a solution.”

As LocalIQ signed bigger clients with more complex reporting needs, Ainsley began the search for a tool that could help them reduce their time spent finding and gathering data and increase their ability to customize and ship campaign reports at scale.

“Along with our internal systems, we needed a platform that could help us solve the reporting challenge of scalability and customization,” explains Ainsley. “A lot of times we have clients with stakeholders that don’t want full visualizations and all the data. They’re looking for specific metrics and distinct data sets that tell a story. Before NinjaCat, certain clients wanted custom visualizations, so our team would be busy with bespoke tasks, leaving us with less time to properly meet our daily demands.”

Ainsley outlines the undesirable outcome that likely would have occurred if LocaliQ’s reporting challenges were not solved.

“If we didn’t have NinjaCat, we would’ve spent a lot more on building out the team,” says Ainsley. “And more importantly, we wouldn’t have been able to go after the bigger clients and properly service their data needs. NinjaCat is helping us snag bigger clients, with more complex data issues, and meet them in their moment.” 

The Solution

Upon finding out that a client of theirs was using NinjaCat, LocaliQ decided to go all in. After the initial set-up and onboarding process, Ainsley and her team quickly realized how NinjaCat was going to help them level up.

“For one thing, the template-based reporting is perfect for our franchise clients,” explains Ainsley. “Instead of having to handle franchise reports one at a time, we’re able to build one template and then customize it for all of their locations, which is a game changer.”

Once NinjaCat became a part of their reporting workflows, LocaliQ started seeing the positive effects of their decision.

“The clients are happy because their reports, no matter the scale, can be built to spec,” says Ainsley. “We’re seeing better results on actual campaigns and our team isn’t busy just building reports, we are using our time to provide more insights and analysis.” 

The Results

“Immediately after we started using NinjaCat, the positive results were pretty clear,” explains Ainsely. “The clients were impressed with the reports, and we were excited about the aesthetics of the reports we were generating; they look fantastic. Other platforms are good technically, but NinjaCat has easily helped us make sleek, clean, and eye-catching reports.”

With NinjaCat, not only could LocaliQ take on larger clients with ease, but the platform also helped them reduce the internal proof window for new products the agency might launch.

“Along with NinjaCat we have our own internal reporting tool,” says Ainsley. “The internal tool is great, but isn’t as flexible as NinjaCat, so one of the benefits of combining the two is that if we are planning on adding any new products or functionalities internally, we can use NinjaCat to integrate the required data sets and gauge the potential of the new product faster. We can quickly gain insight on effectiveness and stop launching products that don’t bring value.”

So would Ainsley recommend NinjaCat to another agency?

“I would definitely recommend NinjaCat. It’s fairly easy to use, flexible, and the one-to-many reporting templates are a no-brainer for an agency with a growing client base.” 

To find out if NinjaCat is the right reporting tool to amplify the results possible for your team, get in touch.

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