NinjaCat Raises $26 Million to Accelerate the Transformation of Marketing Analytics

October 13, 2020


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We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with Clovis Point Capital, raising $26 million to help us accelerate the future of marketing analytics!

Today, most enterprise marketing teams do not have a good grasp of which campaigns are truly driving business results and which ones are driving wasteful advertising spend. Furthermore, they struggle to provide stakeholders with insightful reports that prove the value and effectiveness of these campaigns.

This is driven by the fact that getting visibility into holistic performance requires aggregating and normalizing data across many disparate sources of data including: Search, PPC, DSP, Analytics, Display, CRM, Marketing Automation, E-comm platforms, Social, Reputation, Listings, Email, Phone Calls, Chat, Radio, Print, TV and OTT. 

Many teams today manually load all this data into spreadsheets to perform analysis and then build PowerPoints to deliver those insights to stakeholders. Some have evolved to building a “marketing analytics stack”  that consists of cobbled together point solutions for data ingestion, attribution, data storage, monitoring, analyses and reporting.

The problem with these “franken-stacks” is that they are difficult and expensive to build and maintain and rarely obtain proper adoption or deliver the desired value. They also create a dependency on Data Engineers, Database Analysts, Data Scientists and Business Intelligence experts to simply produce reports. Additionally, they present the risk of data security and compliance and are a nightmare to scale across multiple clients or business locations. 

Marketing data must be democratized to enable anyone to obtain and deliver the intelligent insights required to make better decisions.

Enterprise marketing teams should have a single platform where they can easily integrate  the hundreds of different marketing sources of data and then efficiently transform, monitor, and analyze or report on that data without the need for data engineers and data scientists. 

That’s what NinjaCat does today and we plan to do it even bigger and better with this funding from Clovis Point Capital.

This is an incredibly exciting moment for our customers, partners and the NinjaCat team. Our capital raise will enable us to accelerate our product roadmap to deliver next generation ways of wrangling, analyzing, monitoring and visualizing complex marketing data at scale, enhanced by AI capabilities. 

Delivering true marketing intelligence and insights at scale is the future and we are committed to leading it.

I share my deepest gratitude for our employees, customers, partners, and investors for their invaluable role in our success and look forward to this next chapter of rapid innovation and growth.

Paul Deraval, CEO