Say Hello to the New NinjaCat Interface

September 27, 2021


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As NinjaCat continues to set the bar for world-class marketing performance reporting, we’re committed to iterating and evolving our products. So without further updated NinjaCat user interface is coming soon to all customers! Improved navigation, faster template creation, and a few behind-the-scenes tweaks all create a more intuitive and faster user experience on the NinjaCat platform.

Several new UI and UX enhancements to the NinjaCat app, both aesthetic and foundational, will improve the overall experience for users, without creating any changes to the engineering infrastructure of the actual software.  

You might think about this update a little bit like a kitchen renovation: you’ve got some beautiful new countertops and a poppin’ backsplash–but fundamentally you still have all the core tools you had before–just set up differently to help you cook dinner (or some tasty performance reports) more efficiently than before. 

While there were hundreds of individual enhancements injected into the “new” design of NinjaCat, the improved interface delivers on three main promises:

  • Faster and more efficient workflows
  • Consistent experience
  • Less distractions, more focus

But we know curious cats like you have more questions, and we’ve got answers. For more details–and to preview the new interface–check out the full FAQ below. 

  • Why are we changing the NinjaCat user interface (UI?)
  • What’s new and improved in the redesign?
  • When will this be available? When can I switch?
  • Will my data be safe?
  • Will I need to go through training to learn the new design? What support is available?
  • Will my pricing change?

Why are we changing the NinjaCat user interface (UI)?

We are excited to offer our customers an improved experience with the new design of the NinjaCat app. The visual updates use current UX best practices, offer consistency and make the app much easier to use. Functionally, the changes allow us to deliver updates and fixes to you faster.

What’s new and improved in the redesign?


When you log in, you’ll now see a full menu on the left side of your screen. This reduces the number of clicks you’ll have to take to get to the most frequently-used features.

Cleaner, more intuitive interface

We’ve refined the interface–typography, colors, icons, buttons, labels, hover states and animations –with the purpose of less distractions and more focus.

Template Editor

With a focus on optimizing the report creation process, enhancements to the template editor in NinjaCat include a simpler dashboard for widgets, Dark Mode, and updated user interface. 

Smarter design and layout

With 150% improvement in viewable space, we’ve increased the amount of information you can utilize across the platform.

Optimized for tablet

Improved slim navigation capabilities means NinjaCat is now 100% optimized for tablets. 

How does the new interface compare to the old?

Our support team created a brief overview video comparing the interfaces that you can view here.

When will this be available? When can I switch?

We have been Beta testing the new UI with a cohort of customers for several months. General release to all customers will begin the week of October 11, 2021. The new UI will be available to all NinjaCat customers  by the end of October 2021. 

Will my data be safe?

Yes, there are no changes to your data. The infrastructure within the NinjaCat application remains the same. All your data integrations and connectors will remain intact.

Will I need to go through training to learn the new design? What support is available?

Through extensive user research and testing with our customers, the new interface is very intuitive, and does not require training. Very little has functionally moved in the interface.  We have updated training and documentation available on the NinjaCat Support site. If you have questions or are having any difficulties, our incredible support team will always be there to help you navigate the transition.

Will my pricing change?

No. We’re happy to continue to improve NinjaCat for you and your team, the new interface is part of every customer’s existing package. 

I still have more questions! Who can I talk to?

Customers, please reach out directly to your CSM or email [email protected]. New customers and prospects, please reach out to schedule a demo – we can’t wait to show you around the NinjaCat platform.

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