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Turn Up The Volume with NinjaCat’s New Spotify Ads Integration

April 18, 2024
April 22, 2024

The NinjaCat Spotify integration allows you to connect and have your Spotify Advertising analytics data automatically ingested into NinjaCat, or your data warehouse, for in-depth analytics, visualizations, and scalable reporting. With a massive and expanding list of integrations, NinjaCat allows you to bring in data from virtually any source and visualize it alongside your Spotify data.

This new feature will bring 8 reports to NinjaCat users, categorized into Entity Reports and Insights Reports. Entity Reports will cover data on Ads, AdSets, and Campaigns, including specific Ad, AdSet, and Campaign Reports. Meanwhile, Insights Reports will offer demographic insights, covering age, gender, and genre, with reports like Audience Age, Country, Gender, Genre, and Platform.

This new integration allows agencies access to the same Dimensions and Metrics available through the Spotify API. This article contains a complete list of all the available Dimensions and Metrics for the Spotify direct network integration. 

NinjaCat knows the heart of effective advertising is robust data management. Our AI-enabled analytics platform allows users to import marketing campaign data from nearly any source directly into our platform, helping them scale their reporting abilities with ease. With the latest Spotify integration, our users can now leverage the data management and measurement capabilities of NinjaCat to optimize audio advertising campaigns.

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