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Startup Skincare Brand Puts New Face on Marketing Reports

May 26, 2021
November 23, 2021

Featured in Allure, Vogue, Refinery 29, and other fashion publications, Furtuna Skin is a quickly growing start-up brand in the luxury skin care industry, with roots in Italy and a distribution chain that spans the globe.

Chrissie Jemison, VP of Digital and Technology at Furtuna Skin, explains how their start-up e-commerce brand leveraged the NinjaCat platform and took their marketing performance reporting to new levels.

THE CHALLENGE: Data Everywhere, and Not A Drop of Insight

Before NinjaCat, all of Furtuna Skin's marketing performance data was handled on various spreadsheets," says Chrissie. "There was no centralized system to aggregate all the data from multiple sources, and then manipulate that data into reports to run our start-up."

One of the primary marketing challenges facing a startup is bandwidth and access to data. “We’re a small but mighty team,” says Chrissie. “Everyone's coming from larger enterprise organizations, and we’re all used to enterprise-level data and insights, which are harder to come by as a start-up.” 

“It was frustrating for us to not have the ability to access high-level, insightful data at our fingertips, without having to spend a lot of time and heavy lifting to get that information on a weekly basis.”

If the challenge of aggregating marketing data quickly, in presentation-ready formats, wasn’t addressed by the marketing team, Furtuna Skin’s growth could be impacted.

“It all comes down to how quickly you can parse through marketing data to find insights for your business,” says Chrissie. “As a start-up, that information is mission critical.”

Without a centralized reporting platform, with full visibility into all the marketing metrics required to guide the brand forward, the Furtuna Skin marketing team was unable to strategically leverage all their performance data properly.

Something had to be done, so Chrissie began the search for a solution.

THE SOLUTION: One Platform for Data and Reporting

With so many options for marketing analytics and reporting software, choosing the right platform to solve the most pressing issues Furtuna Skin was facing was a source of difficulty for Chrissie and her team. 

That’s when a friend told her about NinjaCat. “I came to be aware of NinjaCat through personal networks, and once I saw a demo of what NinjaCat was capable of doing, I was absolutely blown away.” 

Not only was NinjaCat equipped to solve the marketing performance reporting problems Furtuna Skin was facing, but the platform’s data integration capabilities unearthed a deeper level of sophistication to their presentations.    

“We quickly realized with all of NinjaCat’s flexibility, we could literally connect any dataset to the platform, and start reporting on it.”

Chrissie felt confident that NinjaCat was the answer to Furtuna Skin’s marketing performance reporting problems, but getting buy-in from team members and stakeholders was a critical next step.

THE RESULTS: Overnight Results, Rapid-Fire Insights, Reporting Revolutionized

How soon after getting NinjaCat up and running, did Furtuna Skin notice the difference in the marketing reporting process? “Immediately,” says Chrissie. “Literally, overnight.”

The marketing team was now receiving high-quality reports on a regular weekly basis, which was a huge boost to morale and collaboration, and a boon to their ability to surface wins and insights.

Chrissie was able to bubble up the insights and reports from a weekly level to higher-level reports for stakeholders, and then use these templates to standardize their performance reporting process. The reduction in time spent pulling reports has been dramatic.

“For NinjaCat, one of the key features that has helped us over the last year is the fact that we can streamline all our reporting and weekly reports, which are close to 30 pages long, I can get done in 30 minutes, as opposed to spending an entire Monday pulling that information together.”

Not only did NinjaCat reduce the time it took to create reports, Furtuna Skin’s marketing team is now able to include insights and data in their NinjaCat presentations that they were previously unable to provide. 

Being in an industry that is heavily reliant on influencers, Furtuna Skin now has an easy way to report on influencer reach and engagement in the NinjaCat platform. 

“For example, we can track influencer KPI’s across Facebook and Instagram, like tags, mentions, or features, which are completely invisible in traditional analytics.”

With NinjaCat, Furtuna Skin had the ability to create a report with social media influencer KPIs, visualize all that data, and then compare it with other figures like New Followers and Sales by Organic Social Channels, which enriches the presentations and deepens the levels of insights in every report. 

“NinjaCat isn’t just our marketing reporting platform,” says Chrissie. “Because of its ability to integrate all types of data, we are feeding in our inventory, sales figures, shipping costs, and other business intelligence data into NinjaCat, which creates robust reports and insights that are impossible to recreate on any other platform.”

Another benefit of NinjaCat that Chrissie appreciates, is the level of support that comes with the platform.

“If I have a question, there is a very accessible chat button and a wealth of content and videos, and at the same time I can schedule a meeting with a NinjaCat support rep, and then the NEXT DAY, meet with a real person and handle my issues. The level of customer service was surprising and delightful.”

In Conclusion

When asked if she would recommend NinjaCat to another business for their marketing performance reporting, the answer was quick and definitive.

“I would definitely recommend NinjaCat to any business,” says Chrissie. “I’ve been working in marketing for over a decade, and trying to get performance data and reporting aligned has been an issue at every turn.“

“NinjaCat is not only appropriate for start-up brands, who can use it for visibility across a smaller org, but for enterprise-level businesses, because I know these data reporting issues are pervasive, and NinjaCat solves the problem.”

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