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How The Denver Post Improved Client Relationships With NinjaCat Marketing Reports

June 9, 2020
August 5, 2021

The Denver Post turned to NinjaCat when the scale and complexity of their clients’ digital growth were overshadowed by their team’s inability to report on and distribute campaign performance with their clients efficiently.     

The Mission

The Denver Post is a full-service, multimedia publishing company. Founded in 1892 as a traditional news publication, the company has evolved into an agile, digital marketing and advertising solution. They offer a comprehensive suite of performance-based solutions, including search, SEO, video, social, display, and geo-fencing. Having merged forces with and developed a vast customer portfolio of their own, the Denver Post understands the advantages of data-driven, fully trackable digital advertising.

“There was never enough time to both meet campaign requests and deliver full client reports.”

-Hayley Johnson, Digital Account Specialist

The Challenge

With their ability to service a wide range of businesses and industries, the Denver Post’s customer base began to expand quickly. And consequently, varying customer KPIs, complex data requests, and the need for consistent reporting updates increased as well. It became clear the Denver Post’s reliance on Excel spreadsheets and custom templates to track their campaign performance wasn’t scalable. The needs for centralized data, automated reporting, and analytics were critical.

The Resolution

The Denver Post found NinjaCat to be their simplified solution to all four of their most significant reporting challenges. By directly integrating with the NinjaCat platform, the team centralized all their data and set up internal dashboards with real-time insights. These dashboards helped them identify opportunities for growth, as well as quickly catch areas of concern. The biggest time saver was the utilization of push reports. Regaining valuable time meant more opportunity to strategize client campaigns and provide an all-around, better client experience. The results were clear; “Ninjacat helps us flaunt our digital expertise, and ultimately the value of our client spend.”

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