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Three Steps for Digital Marketers to Prove ROI

August 10, 2021
October 25, 2022

As digital marketing continues to evolve, the ability to properly harmonize data across myriad channels and sources and report on ROI, remains a key to driving meaningful results. 

With so many measurements available in marketing, how do marketers determine how to focus on the data that drives results?

In our playbook, “Measuring The Metrics That Matter: Three Steps for Digital Marketers to Prove ROI” you will learn, through case studies and interviews, how to approach your reporting with a blend of art and science, balancing both creativity and analytics in the chase to prove campaign effectiveness. 

We break down the method into three steps to help practitioners get started: 

Step 1: Make sense of platform soup

Sometimes more isn’t better. It’s easy to get lost in dashboards and digital marketing KPIs. Find out how a unified approach to platform analytics is helping both start-ups and agencies provide breakthrough results for shareholders and clients. 

Step 2: Get the measurements right

Every marketing campaign is unique. Therefore, the metrics required to measure success of any marketing effort need to be distinctly matched to objectives while being rooted in brand goals. Discover how to ask the tough questions and use data to engineer informed strategies. 

Step 3 : Align performance reports with audience 

The final consideration is deciding how to cogently present and share the analytics, annotations, and advice with stakeholders. Is the required report high-level or granular, and more importantly, is it a repeatable process? Find out how aligning automated reports with audience needs and integrating data sources outside marketing can supercharge your reporting capabilities.

When measured properly, marketing data can help you stay nimble, connect with your audience, and cut through the chaos.

Download the complete playbook for practical tips you can use to improve your marketing strategy. 

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