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Call Tracking for Agencies

The easiest way to prove your efforts are responsible for driving phone leads

Get credit for all the phone leads your marketing campaigns are responsible for. Gain better insight, drive higher ROI & reduce churn. 

Provide a holistic performance story

Your monthly reports and white labeled dashboards will come to life with calls attributed to the specific traffic source, campaign, search engine, and keyword that drove them.

Overall account performance views will aggregate your call conversions with web conversions providing overall conversions/CPA/ROI.

With these detailed call analytics you’ll be able to provide a truly holistic view of your multi-channel marketing performance.

Provide additional value & reduce churn

By offering your clients and prospects a white-labeled call tracking solution with call recording and multi-channel support, not only will you win more customers, get more credit and uncover better insights, but you will earn additional loyalty and reduce client churn.

Once you provide your clients with the ability to not only measure the attribution but also the quality of calls in addition to how those calls are being handled by their staff, you will find clients become reluctant to discontinue working with you.

Key Call Tracking Features

- Free local call tracking numbers (based on your NinjaCat subscription)
- Lowest per minute rates in the industry
- Local and toll-free numbers (US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia & NZ)
- Proper ringtones by country
- Track any online/offline channels  (AdWords, Facebook, Print, etc.)
- Keyword level tracking
- Call Recording
- Real time text & email notifications
- Call Ratings
- Effortless setup (1 line of code added to your client's website)
- Free porting of existing numbers (with zero downtime)
- Integration with Google Analytics & Google AdWords
(calls can be automatically sent to Google Analytics and AdWords)

"NinjaCat's call tracking service is the best call tracking service for agencies by far. The effortless setup, reporting and pricing are truly the best we have found."

Melissa Anthony

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