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Our mission:
To help digital marketing agencies succeed

We are a passionate team of problem solvers working to make the lives of those who run agencies easier.

Mission & Vision

Our original vision was to help digital marketing agencies succeed by helping them prove their value to clients month after month with the most effective & automated client reporting. After delivering on this promise we set a more ambitious goal, to build the first all-in-one digital marketing agency management platform.  After conducting thousands of phone interviews with agencies across the globe, we have identified the most common areas of pain and inefficiency and the most ideal solutions to those problems.

Time and time again we heard the same themes repeated: “reporting sucks, but we need to prove our value and justify our services to clients month after month”, “cross channel monitoring of budgets, campaigns and KPIs is a huge challenge”, “good call tracking is essential to get all the credit we deserve”, “we need better attribution to prove the influence of our efforts”,“managing billing and invoicing is a pain”. If you are facing these challenges, think of NinjaCat as your ultimate painkiller. 

Our tool provides you with the capability to deliver PPC, SEO, social and call tracking reports to your clients in one user-friendly PDF or dashboard.  In addition to automated reporting, the platform provides:

  • Security and Reliability
  • White Label Dashboards
  • Budget Monitoring
  • Campaign Monitoring

Our team provides you:

  • White Glove Setup and Service
  • 24/7 support
  • Best Practices, Tips & Tricks to Grow Your Agency

If this sounds like it would be a good solution for your agency, schedule a demo today.

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