Unify Performance Reporting for Multi-Location Businesses

Agencies and brands managing campaigns for multi to many-location accounts require a sharp analysis of performance, with the ability to slice the data at any level or review as a whole.

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Multichannel Roll-Up Reporting

Avoid reporting on channels in silos by utilizing roll-up reports. Blend your data with global metrics and custom calculations to gain a holistic view of overall performance. Or analyze impact across independent tactics by applying custom filters. With full access to the data in one report, you’ll be able to analyze and share performance at any level of granularity.

Streamline Reporting, Maintain Communication

Maintain high-touch client communication at scale by producing one-to-many reports with customized annotations and insights.

Stakeholder Transparency

Keep all your important data in one place with marketing performance dashboards that can be locked for view-only analysis and business updates.

“We have about 450 locations that we work with in the fitness, health and beauty franchising space. We use NinjaCat as a tool on our customer service calls and on check-ins but also for transparency in reporting to clients. They have access to an account dashboard where they can log in and actually view what's going on.”

Aren Johnstone
VP, Operations
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Campaign Analysis at an Individual or Global Level

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