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Snowflake enables companies to easily source external data and combine it with their own internal datasets for better analytics and faster decision-making. This level of detail paired with NinjaCat’s data visualization and automated reporting provides deep insights into the ROI of your marketing efforts.

Why Snowflake and NinjaCat?

With NinjaCat you can centralize, integrate, and analyze disparate sources of data with the Snowflake Cloud Data Platform, enabling faster and more cost-effective decision-making. Users have the ability to access their NinjaCat raw, granular data, directly from Snowflake and speed up data analytics while combining it with other data sources for a full 360-degree view of your customer. NinjaCat also empowers users to run large, complex queries without resource contention and simplify data management while improving security and data governance.

Additional Resources

If you use the Snowflake Data Warehouse to house data that you'd like to use with NinjaCat, we support moving data into our system using a Snowflake Secure Data Share. This article is a basic overview of the steps to set up and use the Snowflake Secure Data Share.

Easy to customize reporting. Easy to make client-facing reports and love the automated report sending feature!

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The team at NinjaCat were very knowledgeable, professional, and fun to work with.

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Everyone was so friendly and helpful throughout the whole process, and they made everything super easy. They made the process more fun than just showing us what to do and us having to hope for the best. Their support has been super responsive and time-sensitive, so I would highly recommend them to anyone. The platform is also super intuitive making everything super easy.

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The ability to pull a branded and pre-designed template has saved our team so much time!

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Benefits of NinjaCat

Exceptional, 11-Star Support

Integrate with Over 150+ Marketing Data Sources

Enjoy Unlimited Reports, Dashboards, Users, and Integrations

White Label All Client Facing Reports and Dashboards 

Spend Less Time & Improve Client Marketing Reports with NinjaCat

Eliminate Manual Reporting For Good

Integrate all your marketing data sources and auto-generate sleek and insightful marketing reports that impress your clients.

Create Report Templates That Scale

Build custom report templates that you can use for all of your clients. Say goodbye manually duplicating reports forever!

Do More With Your Marketing Data

Collect, transform, and ship your marketing data. NinjaCat adheres to the most stringent privacy requirements to ensure your data is safe. 

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