Smart Features to Keep Your Campaigns on Track

Campaign Monitoring with NinjaCat helps track budgets and KPIs with real-time updates and alerts, helping you catch issues before they flare up.

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Catch the Smoke Before There’s Fire

Proactive, predictive awareness of budget consumption and key performance metrics across all digital channels enable previously impossible interventions that preserve winning results.

Daily Dashboard Updates

Smart dashboards and custom notifications allow you to gather quick insights on your accounts, helping you stay proactive with your optimizations, and eliminate room for mistakes.

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Stay Confident With Tools That Keep Tabs for You

Budget Monitoring

Never over or under spend your media budget again with timely budget pacing alerts.

Automated Data Aggregation

See all your ad campaign budget and performance data from every channel in a single source of truth.

Goal Monitoring

Keep your eye on the prize with customizable targets to ensure your campaigns deliver maximum value.

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Stay on Top of Your Marketing Performance Results.

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