Campaign Monitoring

Get a bird’s eye view of your goals, budgets, and pacing across all your accounts. 
Simplify your workflow, stay on track, and hit your targets.

A Simplified Overview 

“I track clicks and CTR on a daily basis in NinjaCat. I need to quickly find my ‘problem’ accounts and make changes to optimize my under-performers.”

–Digital Marketing Analyst at RentPath


Our smart dashboards and custom notifications allow you to gather quick performance insights on your accounts, helping you stay proactive and agile with your optimizations, and eliminate room for mistakes.

Command Center

Aggregated Data

See all your ad campaign budget and performance data from every channel in a single source of truth.

Budget Monitoring

Budget Monitoring

Never over or under spend your media budget again with timely budget pacing alerts.

KPI Monitoring

Goal Monitoring

Keep your eye on the prize with customizable targets to ensure your campaigns deliver maximum value.

Automate Reports

Designed with the busy marketer in mind, our automated reporting feature allows you to easily templatize reporting across all of your accounts a single time, and never manually pull or build a report again. With pixel-perfect design customizations and the ability to add insights and recommendations within each report, it will set you and your campaigns’ performance apart from the rest.

NinjaCat Sample Report 1
NinjaCat Sample Report 2
NinjaCat Sample Report 3

Our Integrations

Eliminate data inaccuracies with reliable connections to all types of marketing channels. 

Google Analytics
Google Ads
Google Bit Query

Security & Scalability

Securely integrate into all your marketing programs with the assurance that our platform is built to protect your data as you scale your business.

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Designed to meet the most stringent compliance and privacy requirements with customizable tools to help protect all your data.

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Whether you’re managing 10 accounts or 100,000, our platform will safely handle it.

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"Your team is amazing. The onboarding, training and customer support has been phenomenal. If there was an 11 in the survey I would have given you that."

--George Cicci with Impakt Marketing

Why Ninjacat? 

See what our friends have to say. 

"NinjaCat Is Always Responsive & Willing To Help"

NinjaCat's software makes it easy to organize data, combine data, and present data in a way that scales effortlessly. The NinjaCat team has been amazing to work with. I appreciate how quickly they respond and how eager they are to assist.

Gabe Thayn Headshot
Diogo O

Marketing Manager
Enterprise Customer

"Great combination of people and technology!"

The technology allows us to scale so that we can focus our resources on reviewing and analyzing reporting. Their global filters and metrics feature is something unique to the marketing space, and has allowed us to better automate reporting.

Kelly Maron
Drew S

Marketing Manager
Mid-Market Customer

"NinjaCat is a wonderful tool for aggregating data and making it viewable to your clients!"

The dashboard. I love having a shared resource with a client to go over how their campaigns are performing. Additionally, the reporting feature has been a great boon for producing wonderful looking reports that help us tell an aesthetically pleasing story about a client's campaigns. Ninjacademy was great for learning how to build and set up both reports and dashboards.

Ben Wood Headshot
Nathan G

Operations Manager
Enterprise Customer

"NinjaCat Software and Support"

Seamless data integration & digital channel aggregation allows for consistent performance communication w/clients. Our team presents 100+ reports a month to our clients. Our NinjaCat client reports guide our team thru performance discussions, show opportunities, and allow us to stay aligned w/client expectations.

Erin Martin
Jody A

Digital Marketing Specialist
Small Business