Simplify, Connect, and Empower Your Insights

Rapid Data Integration

Connect your diverse data sources with an extensive library of pre-configured connectors. Leverage NinjaCat packaged integrations, API or code-free replication options.

Real-Time Insights

Transform real-time data into actionable insights with embedded analytics without the drag of complex integrations.

Resource Allocation

Automate low-level data engineering tasks, so your team can focus on building innovative solutions, rather than getting tangled in data integration.


Power Real-Time Dashboards

Live connect data directly to Tableau, Looker Studio, or any BI tool. No need to have your own data warehouse set up. NinjaCat’s Data Cloud uses Snowflake as its native storage infrastructure.

Simple Data Access

Powered by

Snowflake Share

Real-time data written to a NinjaCat-provided Snowflake account.

Snowflake Direct

Real-time data written to your-own Snowflake account.


Get Your Data To Storage Destinations

Adaptable exporting options ensure that your data moves seamlessly to your chosen destinations, empowering you with insights where and when you need them.

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