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An Automotive Marketing Report will often focus on dealership or rooftop performance, but it may also contain broader datasets and insights from OEMs. Common metrics in an Automotive Marketing Report include details on inventory performance, ad campaigns, and Search Results Page (SRP) and Vehicle Detail Page (VDP) impressions, clicks, cost-per-click (CPC), click-through rate (CTR), and conversions. You might combine digital marketing, offline advertising, and multi-location roll-up reports as well.

Why an Automotive Marketing Report Template Matters

For agencies that run digital marketing on behalf of dealerships at a high scale and velocity, an automotive marketing report enables your team to deliver marketing performance results in a presentation format you can customize, annotate, and ship with confidence. Whether it’s a roll-up report or an eagle-eye dashboard, the purpose of an automotive marketing report is to sort and analyze rooftop marketing performance data at every level, accelerate reporting, and optimize campaigns and content with clarity.

How to Build an Automotive Marketing Report

Front and center in your automotive marketing report, you should include a scorecard with the most important metrics that show the business value achieved from your marketing programs. Sales overview slides can include summaries and heat maps of dealership performance.

Next, focus on rooftop performance results, which may include SRP views, VDP views, form leads, service appointments, and other lead/conversion details. It’s also important to separate paid from organic efforts, and categorize leads based on origin; i.e. service leads vs. finance leads vs. trade leads, etc.

Moving along, an effective automotive marketing report will detail all the digital advertising efforts and results, providing performance metrics along with samples of the ad creative, giving your audience the chance to contextualize campaigns
and strategize next steps.
Your automotive marketing report should include a consolidated look-back at conversion details for any other digital marketing efforts, including but not limited to an analysis of channel traffic performance. When you can track and report on each location’s digital advertising cost, CPL, total leads, calls, clicks, and impressions, you’re fully equipped to deliver a report that is easy to understand, and easy to build strategy from.  

Finish up your automotive marketing report with annotations and insights that incorporate all of the analytics covered, and outline strategic steps for your next campaign. A solid automotive marketing report template allows your dealership or agency to organize and review the success of tactics, locations, or rooftops with roll-up reporting, and fully integrate all your marketing data sources to gain a holistic view of performance.

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