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Birdeye + NinjaCat Create WOM Performance Reports that Are the Talk of the Town

June 21, 2021
July 26, 2021

Often rated as the top referring channel for new business, word of mouth marketing has always been critical to the success of any brand. 

Word of mouth marketing, or WOM, is defined as any moment a customer, client, or staff member mentions or refers to your brand. This could be as simple as an over-the-fence conversation, a testimonial, or an online review and rating. 

Birdeye is an all-in-one WOM marketing engine that helps facilitate, manage, and monitor brand mentions in a way that helps businesses promote their product or service through their brand’s most powerful channel, their customers.

Birdeye Customer Review platform and ninjaCat Reports

Birdeye automates feedback requests for brands via their Customer Relationship Management system. This helps businesses send out feedback requests to customers right after they receive products or services. 

With Birdeye, marketers are able to send more requests and increase the volume of reviews. 

As an added bonus, staff no longer have to spend time sending out and responding to review requests manually. With template-driven automated responses for positive reviews, marketers can focus more on the negative ones and improve customer satisfaction.

Birdeye makes it easy to measure customer sentiment over time by using a customer experience template. With the customer experience template, customers are sent emails where they have the option to choose how likely they are to recommend a company on a 1-10 scale. Customers who answer “9” or “10” are considered “promoters”. 

With review requests, instant responses to feedback, NPS surveys, and employee performance tracking, Birdeye helps marketers build customer loyalty and adapt to customer sentiment more efficiently than ever before.

Leveraging WOM In Marketing Performance Reports

As reviews and ratings platforms proliferate, so do the myriad ways markets must track brand sentiment online. Customer experience is quickly evolving into a new form of marketing. 

One of the unique benefits of NinjaCat’s reporting platform is that brand marketers can include deeper levels of insights in their presentations by integrating datasets not typically found in traditional performance reports. 

Word of Mouth Marketing Performance Reports from NinjaCat

By aggregating WOM mentions, reviews, and ratings on Birdeye, and integrating that data into reporting templates on NinjaCat, agencies can place brand sentiment metrics alongside sales and marketing analytics to provide a full funnel view of marketing performance. 

The secret to effective marketing performance reports isn’t just about the quantity of information and content, but the quality of the insights and context of the presentation. 

With NinjaCat and Birdeye, brands are able to provide meaningful metrics on their brand’s performance in the marketplace, and visualize the path toward better reporting, better strategy, and better results. 

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