Product Release: New Call Tracking Platform

Introducing NinjaTrack Call Tracking

January 1, 2020


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Leap Agency

If you haven't implemented call tracking - chances are you're missing out on getting credit for up to 70% of your clients' leads. Even more if your clients are in the services business. Introducing NinjaTrack. Designed specifically for agencies like yours - our new, fully integrated call tracking solution delivers the features you need to get credit for all those calls. With detailed call analytics you’ll be able to provide a truly holistic view of your multi-channel marketing performance.

If you have implemented call tracking, we guarantee NinjaTrack is easier to use and less expensive than your current call tracking solution.

We make it easy to get started with free NA local call tracking numbers, based on your NinjaCat subscription (e.g. a NinjaCat subscription for up to 20 clients comes with 20 free NA local call tracking numbers; up to 50 clients comes with 50 free numbers, etc.)

NinjaTrack Key Features:

• Lowest per minute rates in the industryFree porting of existing numbers (with zero downtime)

• Local and toll-free numbers (US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand)

• Proper ringtones by country

• Effortless setup (1 line of code added to your client's website)

• Track any online/offline channels (AdWords, Facebook, Print, etc.)

• Keyword level tracking

• Call Recording

• Real time text and email notifications

• Call rating

• Pass calls into Google Analytics as an event with the click of a button

• Leverages the same VOIP infrastructure as the large, enterprise call tracking providers (Call Tracking Metrics, CallRail etc.)

• Choice of single number per source or dynamic pool

• First touch attribution (conversion credit is attributed to the original source)

• Call whispering; tailor your response to a call before it even begins (e.g. which campaign prompted the call?)

• Support of Google Ad Extensions; avoid Google electing not to swap in your call tracking number

• Compatible with Google Tag Manager

•Integrated billing for bill-back purposes

Why wouldn't you implement NInjaTrack?! Schedule a demo!