Fancy-feast Your Eyes on NinjaCat’s NEW Look!

July 13, 2021


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Company News

Leap Agency

The cat is *officially* out of the bag: NinjaCat has a new look, and a brand new website, and you're on it right meow! 

Why the changes? When it comes to digital marketing, it can feel like change is the only constant. At NinjaCat, we strive to stay ahead of the curve to better serve our current and future customers. Our lighter and brighter visual approach to our brand design allows our solutions to shine, providing NinjaCat users more seamless access to information they need.

What’s not changing? Who we are as a company. Our mission to be the best damn company everyone wants to be a part of remains constant. You’ll always be able to count on the 11-star customer service you know and love us for.

Our market-leading suite of digital marketing performance data management, reporting, dashboard and campaign monitoring tools aren’t changing either, in fact they’re only getting better. We have some exciting platform updates launching a little later this year that will be sure to me-wow our power users!

So poke around the site, and get to know the “new” NinjaCat. As always, stay tuned and stay curious!