Google Analytics Cluster Map Overlay in NinjaCat

New to NinjaCat, display Google Analytics Goals and Conversions on a Google Map.

August 28, 2018


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Hot of the presses, our newest update to our Google Analytics integrations has some heads turning!  Map out goals and conversion and display them on a Google Map for a visual way to display data to your clients.

Map Conversions and Goal Completions in NinjaCat

Now you can map your Google Analytics Goals/Conversions to a Google Map and display them in your client reports.  This new feature runs through your Google Analytics account.  Pull the latitude and longitude of your goal conversions and display them over a map. There are too many great use cases for this. For example let's say you operate a franchise of Auto Service & Tire Experts shops. You have several shops in a specific DMA. You want to run two different offers, one offer in Northern Seattle and a different offer in Southern Seattle. Display your conversion data and see where your conversions happen, what store they happen at. Gain much deeper strategic insight by mapping out your GA goals and conversions.

Display a Google Map in your client reports.

Get creative and bring in different filters to cut out some of the noise and show the locations that matter most to your clients objectives.  Zoom in to the locations where your marketing efforts can be visualized across a city, state or nation!  Bring it on home or give a worldview.

Add filters to change the data sets that are displayed.

This is a great way to add geo specific data to the story of your marketing efforts.

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