4 Reasons Why Client Reporting Is Important

4 reasons why client reporting is something that deserves your attention.

We think this goes without saying; client reporting is the most important thing a digital marketing agency can do.  Agency-client relationships depend on reporting.  Essentially, it is the backbone on your relationship with clients and can secure new business.  Reporting not only keeps current clients happy but serves as a tool to acquire new clients.  More often than not, marketing agencies say they report on everything but typically fall short on creating insightful, stunning, easy to understand reports.  Your job is to gain trust and communicate the work you have put into the many marketing campaigns.  Reporting is the vehicle you should be utilizing to cement a successful relationship with your clients.  Let’s take a look at 4 reasons why client reporting is the most important thing your digital agency can do.

Reports allow you to regularly talk with your clients.

NinjaCat  - Reports allow you to regularly talk with your clients
Reports allow you to regularly talk with your clients

We hope you don’t need a reason to talk with your clients.  You should be having daily discussions with them about the marketing campaigns you are managing for them.  Client reports are a great way to build trust and check in on how things are moving along.  It’s a great way to show your clients that their money is well spent and it also allows you to curb any problems a campaign may have.  The client-agency relationship is like any other relationship; communication is the key to success.

Automating your reports with NinjaCat is a great way to set up monthly or weekly conversations where you can trade ideas and opinions with each other and discuss strategy.  Talking about campaigns regularly helps to make sure any issues are taken care of in a timely manner.

Sending out automated reports weekly or monthly is a great segway into a conversation with your client.  We all know clients can sometimes be very busying making that $$$$$.  A client report can serve as a reminder for both you and your client that it might be time to get on the horn and talk marketing.  Keep the ship in the right direction.

NinjaCat-Reports can be used to educate your clients on marketing campaigns and trends.
Reports can be used to educate your clients on marketing campaigns and trends.

Reports can be used to educate your clients on marketing campaigns and trends.

You are the marketing professional, you know what is trending, what best practices are and how to implement them.  You know what would work best to grow your client’s business or how to get more digital leads turning into store visits or purchases.  Your client is amazing at his or her business.  Maybe they are the best LASIK surgeon, or the state's best auto shop.  You each have a role and you each have valuable information to share to get to the goal line.  

You should be using reports as an educational tool so that your client is on the same page that you’re on.  Reporting can also serve as a way to introduce and legitimize new campaign strategies.  Having an educated client can mean having great marketing campaigns.  You can introduce KPI’s and discuss which KPI is important and why, as well as report on the success of the KPI’s you’re tracking.  Reports also allow you to add your professional commentary to the overall marketing campaigns.  During agency-client communications you also have opportunities to showcase your skills and value.

Reporting allows you to take the credit you deserve.

Take credit where it is deserved, own your wins.  If your client is having an outstanding month, how would they know that part of that success is due to your marketing efforts unless you tell them and show them.  Account for the increase in leads and reinforce the current strategies.  Essentially this is what your reports are for, to communicate the wins and identify any problem areas.  

Your work and the success of your agency are tied to your reports.

NinjaCat - Your work and the success of your agency are tied to your reports.
Your work and the success of your agency are tied to your reports.

Let’s face it, your work as a marketing agency, and your success is all tied to the success of your campaigns.  Your reports illustrate your efforts and outline the health of the overall campaign.  Basically, reports are the most important tool you have to show that you are worth the money your client is spending.  It is for this reason that we at NinjaCat deliver an all-in-one reporting platform that is automated, so you can spend more time growing your business but still have a laser beam focus on reporting back to your client in a way they will clearly understand.  We diminish the time it would take to manually draft reports allowing you more time for strategy, conversations with your clients and campaign management.  We put reporting front and center and give you the keys to success.  

NinjaCat has all the tools your digital marketing agency needs to grow your business while keeping a focus on reporting and delivering better reports than ever before.  Clients are won and lost because of reporting, make sure you keep your clients and retain new prospects with in-depth reports by NinjaCat.

To see what NinjaCat can do for you I suggest sitting down with our customer success team for a quick demo.  You can register here.  After the demo you will be set up for a free trial of our platform to see how it can help your business grow.