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Four Reasons Why Client Reporting is Important

May 4, 2021
July 21, 2023

Client reporting is an integral part of running a successful digital marketing agency.  Essentially, it’s the backbone of your relationship with clients, providing a point of reference, proof of campaign effectiveness, and a potential source to acquire new business. 

More often than not, marketing agencies build up huge data sets on their campaigns, but fall short on creating insightful, easy to understand client reports with all the numbers.

An agency's main job is to gain trust with clients, deliver results that achieve the client’s goals, and communicate the work put into the marketing strategy.  

Let’s take a look at four reasons why client reporting is the most important thing your digital agency can do to stay competitive, prove effectiveness, and keep clients happy.

1. Client reporting improves communication. 

The client-agency relationship is like any other relationship; communication is the key to success. Client reports are a great way to open up conversations, build trust, and check in on campaigns to see how things are moving along. 

Client reporting is also critical to identifying any potential problems a campaign may encounter.

Automating your reports with NinjaCat is a great way to set up monthly or weekly conversations with your clients, where you can trade ideas, opinions, and talk strategy.  Discussing KPI’s and revisiting goals regularly via client reports helps to make sure campaigns stay on track and problems are taken care of in a timely manner.

2. Reports can educate clients on marketing strategies and industry trends.

Your client is amazing at his or her business.  You are the marketing professional. You know what is trending, what best practices are, and how to implement them into a strategy that works.

You each have a role and you each have valuable information to share to get to the goal line.  

By utilizing client reports as an educational tool, both agency and client are on the same page.  Reporting also allows agencies to introduce and legitimize new campaign strategies. 

Agencies can introduce KPI’s and discuss which metric is important and why, as well as how to report on the success of the KPI’s you’re tracking.  

Reporting, whether on a dashboard or annotated presentations, also allows agencies to measure benchmarks, understand historical performance, and guide campaigns with opinions based on data.

3. Reporting allows you to showcase the value of your work.

There has never been so much data available to track digital advertising. So the modern marketer’s main task is to prove if anything they’re doing is working at all.

Without a regular cadence of reporting and keeping track of an advertising campaign’s performance, it’s essentially impossible to prove marketing effectiveness.

Client reports empower an advertising agency to not only prove campaign performance, but the performance of the agency itself. Check out these client report examples for inspiration on how to build knock-out presentations. 

4. Client reports are integral to agency success.

The quote, “what gets measured, gets managed,” is more than just a nice turn of phrase. The data you chose to integrate and illustrate in your reports and dashboards for clients can have a huge impact on the perception of your agency, and if there’s any confusion on KPI’s, the strategy can go awry, fast.

That's why NinjaCat delivers an all-in-one reporting platform that is automated, so you can spend more time growing your business but still have a laser beam focus on reporting back to your client in a way they will clearly understand.  We diminish the time it would take to manually draft reports allowing you more time for strategy, conversations with your clients and campaign management. 

We put reporting front and center and give you the keys to success.  

NinjaCat has all the tools your digital marketing agency needs to grow your business while keeping a focus on reporting and delivering better reports than ever before.  Clients are won and lost because of reporting, make sure you keep your clients and retain new prospects with in-depth reports by NinjaCat.

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