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New Acquisition Helps Shape The Future of NinjaCat

August 9, 2022
August 23, 2022

Like most businesses, at NinjaCat we are always striving to improve our platform. But not all businesses have the opportunity to seize an opportunity and rapidly accelerate towards their product vision. I’m delighted to announce that our own carpe diem moment has arrived: is now officially part of NinjaCat! 

Shape is a pay-per-click (PPC) budget management platform that helps digital marketers control advertising spend at scale. NinjaCat has been tackling the problem of marketing data management and reporting at scale for eight years now. Through this acquisition, we are creating an even more robust end-to-end digital marketing performance management platform to help agencies, media companies and brands elevate and automate their programs and prove value. 

Marketers are growing weary of the “Frankenstack” they have to cobble together using dozens of tools to make sense of and execute digital marketing. Together, NinjaCat and Shape are helping streamline and simplify the set of tools required to manage budgets and report on marketing results.

Along with bringing together two leading martech platforms that help our customers do their jobs better, faster, and smarter, I am most excited about the incredible humans that we are gaining to bolster our product, engineering and go-to-market teams. I can’t say enough about the remarkably talented people at Shape who share our values and know exactly what it means to build the type of company everyone wishes they worked for. I’m thrilled to welcome them to our team. 

The technology, customers, and people we are gaining are a major accelerator to the NinjaCat mission to deliver an all-in-one platform to store, report, monitor, analyze, and act on marketing data at scale. I see this moment as one of many next steps in the continuing evolution of NinjaCat. Joining forces with Shape, we’ll be enhancing existing features within our platform such as new integrations and data connectors, while expanding our product portfolio.

Current customers can read more about what this acquisition means for them in our NinjaCat Customer FAQ and Shape Customer FAQ. 

As always, stay tuned and stay curious!

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