NinjaCat Helps Marketing Agency Build Better Reports

February 7, 2023


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Builder Designs is a marketing agency that develops websites and digital marketing strategies for builders of every size in almost every region of the United States. We sat down with Builder Designs’ Brandon Barelman (data strategist and analytics specialist) and Maddie Boland (marketing strategist) to learn how NinjaCat helped their agency overcome its data management and reporting challenges. 

The Challenge

Before NinjaCat, Brandon and Maddie were handling their reporting in the best way possible with the tools at hand, but they realized that to scale their customer portfolio and optimize the data integrations and connections necessary for that growth, something had to change.

“We were making due with the tools we had,” explains Brandon. “But the wide variety of data connections that we were adding for our clients and their systems, and the amount of wrangling required to build reports, was starting to cause significant bandwidth issues. Another issue we were having with our old reporting stack was customization. While the software we had made generating reports a little less cumbersome, our ability to switch out and customize graphics and tables was hampered.”

Maddie, who handles the SEO strategy for clients, was eager to find a solution that could templatize Builder Designs’ social media and SEO reports.

“We were spending many hours generating, proofing, and sending clients their monthly reports,” says Maddie. “Leaving little time to add insights and context, which is how we prove value and effectiveness. We were looking for a platform that could collect the requisite marketing data from the many places it resides, and throw it into a scalable template; that’s what ignited the search for NinjaCat.”

The Solution

After gathering a short list of competing platforms with similar functionalities, Builder Designs ultimately chose NinjaCat. Brandon explains how they came to the decision.

“Honestly, the reason we chose NinjaCat was the platform’s ability to take data and help us tell a story around it. Our clients are smart, but they aren’t data savvy, they need to know what the data is telling them, and how it can help them determine effectiveness and project trajectory. NinjaCat allowed us to create reports and focus on what they need to say, not just fill them up with disconnected data points.”

Another significant reason Builder Designs decided to engage NinjaCat was the high level of support and onboarding. When they were implementing and training on the NinjaCat platform, the agency was experiencing massive client growth. This was a great problem but one that left Brandon and Maddie scrambling to find hours to dedicate to the onboarding process at NinjaCat.

“Dorota, our customer support specialist, and Jared, the onboarding trainer at NinjaCat, were very patient and persistent with us during a hectic time of expansion,” says Brandon. “They helped us fully complete the onboarding process, which enabled us to hit the ground running and apply the full capabilities of NinjaCat to all the new clients we were signing up.”

The Results

After completing the onboarding process and feeling confident about their reports, Maddie and Brandon quickly realized how much NinjaCat was helping them. From automating and scaling reports, to customizing graphics, to the ability to brand every piece of information they handed to clients, NinjaCat met the team’s expectations and then some.

“One of the results that surprised us was our increased ability to report on Google My Business analytics,” says Brandon. “Most of our clients are locally run franchises, which makes the attribution data residing in GMB very valuable. Being able to include and reveal those metrics in our reports was a game-changer.”

While NinjaCat provided a technical solution to the reporting challenges Builder Designs was facing, Brandon and Maddie both emphasized the stellar quality of the support staff as being a significant selling point.

“From the onboarding process to our first official report, we always felt strongly supported by the customer service staff at NinjaCat. They wanted us to maximize our abilities and extract the most value from the platform, and that’s exactly what happened.”

When asked if they would recommend NinjaCat to another agency, both Maddie and Brandon didn’t hesitate.

“The platform is easy to use,” explains Maddie, “and customizable at a high level which makes it attractive. Everyone we worked with at NinjaCat understood our goals and geared the training to help us achieve them.”

“NinjaCat has increased our ability to take on new clients and grow with confidence,” says Brandon. “I would definitely recommend NinjaCat to any agency that has the bandwidth to leverage the data and reporting capabilities. The support team and customization abilities from the platform are amazing, letting us take on bigger and smarter clients.”

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