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Connect with marketing performance data to create presentation-ready dashboards you can automate and customize at scale.

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Speed, Quality and Scalability

Seamlessly generate rich performance reports in high quality presentation formats at scale, across retail partners, franchise operations, and branded store locations. Gain granular insights across a network of business channels and locations, but also at the individual location or partner level, so you can make precise decisions that elevate marketing results.

Build Stronger Relationships with Internal and External Stakeholders

Create highly packaged performance reports for distributed stakeholders to increase alignment and perceived value. Deliver more meaningful insights and proof of performance more frequently, tightening collaboration and campaign optimization cycles.

Automate Reporting to Save Time

Produce insights in a fraction of the time required by traditional marketing analytics tools. Recaptured team time gives you more time for higher-level campaign strategy and analysis, new campaign development and optimization, and higher-touch service.

Brands Success with NinjaCat

May 26, 2021

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March 26, 2018

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May 11, 2021

Roll-Up Reporting and Why Multi-Channel Marketers Need It

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“NinjaCat isn’t just our marketing reporting platform. Because of its ability to integrate all types of data, we are feeding in our inventory, sales figures, shipping costs, and other business intelligence data into NinjaCat, which creates robust reports and insights that are impossible to recreate on any other platform.”

Chrissie Jemison
VP of Digital and Technology
Furtuna Skin

Automated Reporting Made Easy

High-quality, custom templates allow you to scale client reporting, without sacrificing attention to detail or the ability to annotate.

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