Empower Your Marketing Organization

Gain visibility and real-time insights across all agencies and partners from a single platform to evaluate campaign effectiveness.

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Total Transparency & Visibility

Access unedited campaign details and reporting across all your agency partners, in one place. With a unified view, dive deep into the 'why.' Understand which tactics work best across campaigns, channels, partners, or locations.

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Streamline Your Story

Deliver clear, concise reporting to stakeholders. Craft compelling performance reports that boost stakeholder alignment and amplify marketing value perception.

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Never Be Caught Off Guard

Proactively review live and upcoming campaigns for brand compliance. Maintain brand integrity and stay ahead of the curve. No surprises, just success.

Brands Success with NinjaCat

May 26, 2021

Startup Skincare Brand Puts New Face on Marketing Reports

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March 26, 2018

Adigma Case Study: A Marketing Reporting Solution for Franchises

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May 11, 2021

Roll-Up Reporting and Why Multi-Channel Marketers Need It

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What our Brand Customers Say

“NinjaCat isn’t just our marketing reporting platform. Because of its ability to integrate all types of data, we are feeding in our inventory, sales figures, shipping costs, and other business intelligence data into NinjaCat, which creates robust reports and insights that are impossible to recreate on any other platform.”

Chrissie Jemison
VP of Digital and Technology
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Automated Reporting Made Easy

High-quality, custom templates allow you to scale client reporting, without sacrificing attention to detail or the ability to annotate.

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