Providing Clarity of Marketing Impact

NinjaCat is a scalable reporting and data storytelling platform built for marketers. We enable you to connect all your marketing data sources into a single place and build stunning interactive dashboards and reports. All while eliminating the maual data wrangling and management, helping you accelerate yout time to insights.

Reduce Time Spent Pulling Reports

Reduce Time Spent Pulling Reports

Empower Your Team

Empower Your Marketing
Team with Data

Gain Performance

Gain a Holistic View
of Performance

Connect All Your Marketing Data

Whether you’re running campaigns across a handful or a hundred platforms, NinjaCat’s flexible platform allows you to connect, aggregate, and de-dupe data in one place.  This automated sync will spare you the manual exports and organization daily. You'll have full control of your data, no coding required.

Connect Your Data
NinjaCat Custom Dashboards

Accelerate Your Time to Insights

By utilizing our dynamic Dashboards, you're able to monitor and analyze the performance from all your platforms in a one place. Quickly capture a holistic view of how all channels and campaigns are working together, or dive deeper with granular data filtering.  Empowered by the data, your Marketing team will perform with confidence and agility, and drive results.

Prove the Impact of Media Spend

Definitively prove effectiveness of marketing campaigns by securely sharing your interactive dashboards or beautifully designed push reports. NinjaCat's customizable metrics and reporting dimensions make it easy to deliver stakeholders tailored datasets and insights to help drive their decision-making. Set your reports to send automatically at a cadence you choose, or export and share as needed. This will allow teams to align on goals, encourage better collaboration, and celebrate wins.

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Trusted by Agencies, Media Companies & Brands

We are able to see a snapshot of how well our franchisees/locations are performing. This allows us to get a better sense of what direction to take given how the numbers reflect their business performance.

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