Supercharge Your Workflow Without Breaking a Sweat

Data Cleansing
Eliminate noisy data and get only what you need

Data Analysis
Bypass the grunt work. Get straight to the insights.

Taxonomy Repairs
Resolve classification headaches

Budget Updates
Allocate resources more effectively, right when you need to.

Campaign Modifications
Adapt your strategies in real-time.

Client Update Emails
Keep stakeholders in the know, minus the effort to manually update them.


Don't Just Integrate–Elevate

With Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities and NinjaCat’s specialized marketing data infrastructure, you're not just sharing unified data—you're sharing the ability to make informed decisions.

Battle-Tested Intelligence: With training on data from 80,000 advertisers, you're backed by a tool that understands the complexities of the industry.
Unmatched Connectivity: Access hundreds of marketing data sources.
Actionable Insights: 2-way capabilities to implement changes directly.

Ask, Don't Wait. Decide, 
Don't Debate.

Waiting on analysis and reports can stifle momentum. Get real-time insights to drive your decisions, instantly.

No Coding, No Problem

Use everyday language to work with your data. Give everyone in your team the ability to make data-driven decisions, no coding required.

AI-Driven Precision

Get razor-sharp insights, pinpointing exactly where you can optimize. Experience unparalleled speed in data analysis and interpretation.

Adaptable and Scalable

Whether you're handling data for ten clients or a thousand, Copilot sorts through the maze of complex data sets to highlight what truly matters, delivering actionable insights.

All Your Data in One Place with +150 integrations

The Future of Marketing Analytics is Just a Query Away