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Top Ten NinjaCat Podcast Episodes & Blog Posts of 2022

December 15, 2022
December 19, 2022

With an entire calendar year of marketing performance management and reporting content nearly under our belt, we dug into NinjaCat’s year-end analytics to find the top-performing podcast episodes and blogs of 2022. 

On NinjaCat’s marketing performance management podcast, “What Gets Measured,” we’ve interviewed CEOs, creative directors, marketing data scientists, digital advertising analysts, and marketing strategists from agencies and brands that span the globe and touch every corner of the marketing performance management vertical. 

Top-ranked topics we hit on the NinjaCat blog this year include data warehousing, employee well-being, dashboard best practices for agencies, data pipelines, attribution models, and stakeholder reporting. 

The 2022 Top Ten NinjaCat podcast episodes and blogs list represents the content that our audience found most interesting amongst our lengthy content catalog, which makes the task of selecting the most useful and relevant content you might enjoy that much easier. 

Top 10 NinjaCat Podcast Episodes of 2022

  1. Future Proofing Your Marketing Career and Team
  2. ROI, Lies, and Marketing Data Analytics
  3. Branding and Creativity in Advertising
  4. Understanding The Customer Journey
  5. Measuring Marketing Impact Across The 4 P’s
  6. Career Spotlight: Agency Account Management
  7. Mastering Marketing and Advertising Analytics
  8. Success With Marketing Mix Modeling
  9. Using Marketing Data Science to Create Customer Value
  10. Shifting Automotive Marketing Into High Gear

Top 10 NinjaCat Marketing Blogs of 2022

  1. Amplifying Return on Marketing Attribution 
  2. Attribution Models for Digital Marketing Success
  3. Marketing Reporting Software: Myths vs Reality
  4. Preventing Employee Burnout At Your Agency
  5. Setting Up Your Marketing Data Warehouse
  6. An Intro To Effective Marketing Performance Reporting
  7. Client Reporting Best Practices
  8. How To Tell A Story With Data and Analytics
  9. Marketing and Advertising During A Recession
  10. An Introduction to Marketing Data Visualization

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